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Arborists' Certification Study Guide

by Lilly, Sharon J.
ISBN-13: 9781881956693
ISBN-10: 1881956695
Edition: Illustrated
Publication date: 2010
Publisher: Intl Society of Arboriculture
Format: Paperback 362 pages

Organizational Behavior in Education: Leadership and School Reform (11th Edition) (The Allyn & Bacon Educational Leadership Series)

by Owens Jr., Robert E., Valesky, Thomas C.
ISBN-13: 9780133489033
ISBN-10: 0133489035
Edition: 11
Publication date: 2014
Publisher: Pearson
Format: Hardcover 432 pages

Introduction to American Deaf Culture (Professional Perspectives On Deafness: Evidence and Applications)

by Holcomb, Thomas K.
ISBN-13: 9780199777549
ISBN-10: 0199777543
Edition: 1
Publication date: 2012
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback 386 pages

Clinical Social Work Practice: An Integrated Approach with Enhanced Pearson eText -- Access Card Package (5th Edition) (Advancing Core Competencies)

by Cooper, Marlene, Lesser Ph.D., Joan Granucci
ISBN-13: 9780133884661
ISBN-10: 013388466X
Edition: 5
Publication date: 2014
Publisher: Pearson
Format: Paperback 252 pages

The Leadership Experience

by Daft, Richard L.
ISBN-13: 9781337102278
ISBN-10: 133710227X
Edition: 7
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Format: Paperback 528 pages

Drugs and Society

by Hanson, Glen R., Venturelli, Peter J., Fleckenstein, Annette E.
ISBN-13: 9781284110876
ISBN-10: 1284110877
Edition: 13
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Format: Paperback 694 pages

Empowerment Series: Becoming An Effective Policy Advocate

by Jansson, Bruce S.
ISBN-13: 9781305943353
ISBN-10: 130594335X
Edition: 8
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Format: Hardcover 544 pages

Effective Leadership & Management Nursin

by Sullivan, Eleanor
ISBN-13: 9780134153117
ISBN-10: 0134153111
Edition: 9
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Pearson
Format: Paperback 432 pages

Social Media Marketing Workbook: How to Use Social Media for Business (2020 Updated Edition)

by McDonald Ph.D., Jason
ISBN-13: 9781539598145
ISBN-10: 1539598144
Edition: Workbook
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: Paperback 460 pages

Business and Society: A Strategic Approach to Social Responsibility & Ethics, sixth edition

by Ferrell, Thorne, and Ferrell
ISBN-13: 9780997117141
ISBN-10: 0997117141
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Chicago Business Press
Format: Paperback pages

Corporate and White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials (Aspen Casebook)

by Kathleen F. Brickey, Jennifer Taub
ISBN-13: 9781454881360
ISBN-10: 1454881364
Edition: 6
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
Format: Hardcover 709 pages

Modern Recording Techniques (Audio Engineering Society Presents)

by Huber, David Miles
ISBN-13: 9781138954373
ISBN-10: 1138954373
Edition: 9
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Routledge
Format: Paperback 642 pages

Human Development: A Life-Span View

by Kail, Robert V., Cavanaugh, John C.
ISBN-13: 9781337554831
ISBN-10: 1337554839
Edition: 8
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Format: Hardcover 720 pages

Empowerment Series: Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment

by Zastrow, Charles, Kirst-Ashman, Karen K., Hessenauer, Sarah L.
ISBN-13: 9781337556477
ISBN-10: 1337556475
Edition: 11
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Format: Hardcover 848 pages

Sexuality, Gender, and the Law (University Casebook Series)

by Eskridge Jr., William, Hunter, Nan, Joslin, Courtney
ISBN-13: 9781634605298
ISBN-10: 1634605292
Edition: 4
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Foundation Press
Format: Hardcover 1322 pages

Computer Crime Law (American Casebook Series)

by Kerr, Orin
ISBN-13: 9781634598996
ISBN-10: 1634598997
Edition: 4
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
Format: Hardcover 920 pages

Social Animal

by Aronson, Elliot
ISBN-13: 9781464144189
ISBN-10: 1464144184
Edition: Twelfth
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Worth Publishers
Format: Paperback 480 pages

The Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change (Second Edition)

by Cohen, Philip N.
ISBN-13: 9780393639322
ISBN-10: 0393639320
Edition: Second
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Format: Paperback 624 pages

Community Public Health Nursing

by Nies, Mary
ISBN-13: 9780323528948
ISBN-10: 0323528945
Edition: 7
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Saunders
Format: Paperback 728 pages


by Grinnell, Williams, Unrau
ISBN-13: 9780981510088
ISBN-10: 0981510086
Edition: 12th
Publication date: 2019
Publisher: Pair Bond Publications, LLC
Format: Perfect Paperback 816 pages

Social Psychology (Fifth Edition)

by Gilovich, Tom, Keltner, Dacher, Chen, Serena, Nisbett, Richard E.
ISBN-13: 9780393667691
ISBN-10: 0393667693
Edition: Fifth
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Format: Hardcover 704 pages

The Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care: A Critical Approach

by Weitz, Rose
ISBN-13: 9780357045077
ISBN-10: 0357045076
Edition: 8
Publication date: 2019
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Format: Paperback 432 pages

Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World (6th Edition)

by Price, Marie, Rowntree, Lester, Lewis, Martin, Wyckoff, William
ISBN-13: 9780134898391
ISBN-10: 0134898397
Edition: 6
Publication date: 2019
Publisher: Pearson
Format: Paperback 576 pages

Supervision of Police Personnel (9th Edition)

by Iannone, Nathan F., Iannone, Marvin D., Bernstein, Jeff
ISBN-13: 9780135186237
ISBN-10: 0135186234
Edition: 9
Publication date: 2019
Publisher: Pearson
Format: Paperback 384 pages

Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community

by Stanhope PhD RN FAAN, Marcia, Lancaster PhD RN FAAN, Jeanette
ISBN-13: 9780323582247
ISBN-10: 0323582249
Edition: 10
Publication date: 2019
Publisher: Mosby
Format: Paperback 1114 pages