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Multiculturalism and Diversity in Clinical Supervision: A Competency-Based Approach

ISBN-13: 9781433816857
ISBN-10: 1433816857
Edition: 1
Publication date: 2014
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Format: Hardcover 296 pages

The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements

by Kevin MacDonald
ISBN-13: 9780759672222
ISBN-10: 0759672229
Edition: Revised
Publication date: 2002
Publisher: 1st Books Library

Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Context, Controversies, and Solutions

by Rose, Patti R.
ISBN-13: 9781284197792
ISBN-10: 1284197794
Edition: 2
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Format: Paperback 322 pages

The Marriage and Family Experience: Intimate Relationships in a Changing Society (MindTap Course List)

by Cohen, Theodore F., Strong, Bryan
ISBN-13: 9780357378229
ISBN-10: 0357378229
Edition: 14
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Format: Paperback 640 pages

Social Statistics for a Diverse Society

by Frankfort-Nachmias, Chava, Leon-Guerrero, Anna Y., Davis, Georgiann
ISBN-13: 9781544339733
ISBN-10: 1544339739
Edition: 9
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
Format: Paperback 576 pages

Criminal Procedure, Investigating Crime (American Casebook Series)

by Dressler, Joshua, Thomas III, George, Medwed, Daniel
ISBN-13: 9781684671502
ISBN-10: 1684671507
Edition: 7
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
Format: Paperback 961 pages

Psychology of Gender

by Helgeson, Vicki S., Helgeson, Vicki S.
ISBN-13: 9780367331023
ISBN-10: 0367331020
Edition: 6
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: Routledge
Format: Paperback 734 pages

Social Policy for Effective Practice: A Strengths Approach

by Chapin, Rosemary Kennedy, Lewis, Melinda Kay
ISBN-13: 9780367357061
ISBN-10: 0367357062
Edition: 5
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: Routledge
Format: Paperback 592 pages

Understanding Social Entrepreneurship: The Relentless Pursuit of Mission in an Ever Changing World

by Kickul, Jill, Lyons, Thomas S.
ISBN-13: 9780367220327
ISBN-10: 0367220326
Edition: 3
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: Routledge
Format: Paperback 374 pages

Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life

by Newman, David M.
ISBN-13: 9781544373850
ISBN-10: 1544373856
Edition: 13
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
Format: Paperback 584 pages