Textbook Buyback: At Your College Bookstore or Online?

textbook buyback cycle

At the end of the semester, college bookstores are willingly buying back the used textbooks while students are struggling to find the most profitable option to sell their books. This process is beneficial for both sides: bookshops or online textbook buyers are refilling their storages and students can get some money for their used books. Eventually, other students get a chance to buy cheap textbooks. But can one get more out of the textbook buyback process?

What influences the textbook buyback price?

At the bookstores, the price of your used textbook buyback is conditioned by the sales season, by the availability of newer editions, and by the book’s conditions. Buybacks period usually starts at the end of the semester, but the best time for trading your textbooks is at the end of summer and after the New Year, when students need the materials for the new term. However, bookstores might only accept textbook buybacks until they get the desired amount of copies of an edition or they can simply not be interested in buying a certain textbook.

If there is a newer edition of your textbook available, most probably your chances of selling it are around zero. However, you can still try with some online textbook buyers to get at least a moderate sum.

Of course, the condition of your textbook sets the price too! If it’s weary, has marginal notes and highlights, and misses complimentary materials, a college bookshop will turn down your buyback offer. Nevertheless, even if you meet all these requirements and your textbook is in perfect condition, you can get up to 50% of the original price at the campus bookstore if any. Is there a better way?

Sell used college books online to get the most of your buyback!

Online platforms give you plenty of advantages over college buybacks. First, the price is generally much better. Second, the price is not conditioned by the season as much as in the bookstore and you can sell your books at any time you prefer! Online services like BooksRun do not have a limit on the quantity of copies acquired, so even if there are already enough copies in stock, they will still accept more buybacks. Finding the buyer is not your business anymore, you just get paid back and that’s it!

Just pay attention to the conditions of book acceptance and shipping on the websites providing buyback for used textbooks as they vary from platform to platform. Make sure you’ve read all the guidelines of a particular vendor.

The process of selling is a piece of cake. First, you search for a book using ISBN on the website to get the price quote. BooksRun buyback service provides you with a barcode scanner in its Android or iOS apps. All you need to do afterward is to choose the way you wish to be paid and send the textbooks with a printed shipping label.

This is as easy as it can get so I hope you will now act smart and get the most out of your textbook buybacks!

Updated on May 14th, 2020