What is ISBN?

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If you ever took a notice of a few numbers on the back cover of the book with black and white stripes, you’ve found an ISBN code. The International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, makes it easy to identify every single book ever published when buying or selling it. This code usually consists of 10 or 13 digits.  When a teacher provides the students the title of a textbook needed for the class, ISBN might also be given in order to help them buy a certain edition.

How to purchase cheaper options with the help of ISBN?

While you can find a book you need by typing the title and the author in the field, ISBN would bring you the exact edition of the textbook selected by the professor. BooksRun has two empty fields – one is for purchase and another for sale. Putting an ISBN number in one of the fields will instantly help you find the edition needed. You can also do it by scanning the barcode with BooksRun app for Android or iOS.

How to purchase cheaper options with the help of ISBN?

The code is located on the back cover of the book in most cases (near the barcode), and also sometimes inside the book on the page containing the copyright statement. 13-digits code starts with the numbers 978, and 10-digits code has 0, 1, or 2 in the beginning. Make sure you choose a correct ISBN if there is more than one – for example, if you're selling a hardcover, put ISBN which says "hardcover" in brackets, and not the one of an audiobook or the whole series.

Perks of international and older versions

While looking for a textbook needed, you may ask your professor if the older version would be suitable for the classes as well. The price might notably differ, and purchasing it instead of a costly brand-new edition will allow you to save plenty of money. If it is possible for you to get an international copy, you can even not ask for permission – it’s technically the same book. When writing your teacher and asking about an older version, you can attach the ISBN to the email for greater convenience.

Making an inquiry concerning the classes may do you a good job – the professor would notice your interest and recognize you in case you need further help.

How to sell a book using ISBN?

When selling your used textbook to a bookstore, no matter online or physical, you may compare the prices in different places (like Amazon or eBay) using ISBN, and thus estimate the best price for yourself.

ISBN usage in libraries

Searching for the specific book for your courses will become much easier with ISBN – for obvious reasons. The quicker you find the book needed in the library, the bigger your advantage is over your classmates. Besides, if you manage to take a copy of a book before closing time, you may even take it home and bring back the next day.

Comparing book prices by ISBN

BooksRun search system gives you an opportunity to instantly find a book using ISBN and see our price offers. You may also browse pages dedicated to particular categories instead (like economics or biology), or a certain course.

Updated on July 16th, 2019