Buyback Condition Guide

Before sending us your books, it is important that you make sure they fit our acceptance criteria and condition guidelines. Please carefully read the description of the item on BooksRun or a publisher's website when entering the ISBN, including following criteria: type of cover, presence of supplementary materials such as CDs/DVDs, access codes, multiple volumes.

1) Things you need to pay attention to:

Loose leaf / a la Carte editions frequently have ISBNs of hardcovers or paperbacks in them, and it often confuses students who are willing to sell them. Correct ISBN of a loose leaf may be located on the copyright page or on the back cover. Some loose leaf editions are custom made and do not have a separate ISBN and therefore, cannot be accepted for buyback as they cannot be given a quote.

If your book has only one ISBN and it corresponds to a set with many volumes, then you need to send us the whole set. We cannot accept only one book from the whole set for buyback if it does not have a separate ISBN and therefore, cannot be quoted.

All tape and stickers including ones containing ISBNs must be removed from the book before quoting and sending it. Stickers may state incorrect information about the book: i.e. conceal the original ISBN or markings indicating that the item is an exam copy or an instructor's edition which are not accepted for buyback.

2) Items we do not accept for buyback:

If you have any doubts concerning the condition or ISBNs of your textbooks, please feel free to contact us or send pictures of your book before shipping.

Updated on July 7th, 2020