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Connect 1-Semester Access Card for Essentials Corporate Finance

by Ross, Stephen, Westerfield, Randolph, Jordan, Bradford
ISBN-13: 9781259351013
ISBN-10: 1259351017
Edition: 9
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Format: Digital pages


by Ross, Stephen
ISBN-13: 9781259298738
ISBN-10: 1259298736
Edition: 11
Publication date: 2015
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Format: Digital pages

Connect Access Card for Accounting for Governmental & Nonprofit Entities

by Reck, Jacqueline, Lowensohn, Suzanne, Wilson, Earl
ISBN-13: 9781259294921
ISBN-10: 1259294927
Edition: 17
Publication date: 2015
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Format: Digital pages

Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals

by Nussbaumer Knaflic, Cole
ISBN-13: 9781119002253
ISBN-10: 1119002257
Edition: 1
Publication date: 2015
Publisher: Wiley
Format: Paperback 288 pages

Basic Economics

by Sowell, Thomas
ISBN-13: 9780465060733
ISBN-10: 0465060730
Edition: 5th ed.
Publication date: 2014
Publisher: Basic Books
Format: Hardcover 704 pages

Foundations of Business

by Pride, William M., Hughes, Robert J., Kapoor, Jack R.
ISBN-13: 9781337386920
ISBN-10: 1337386928
Edition: 6
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Format: Paperback 544 pages

March (Trilogy Slipcase Set)

by Lewis, John, Aydin, Andrew
ISBN-13: 9781603093958
ISBN-10: 1603093958
Edition: Illustrated
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions
Format: Paperback 576 pages

Business Law: Text and Cases

by Clarkson, Kenneth W., Miller, Roger LeRoy, Cross, Frank B.
ISBN-13: 9781305967250
ISBN-10: 1305967259
Edition: 14
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Format: Hardcover 1328 pages

Essentials of Business Communication

by Guffey, Mary Ellen, Loewy, Dana
ISBN-13: 9781337386494
ISBN-10: 1337386499
Edition: 11
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Format: Paperback 608 pages

Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured (Book & Navigate 2 Essentials Access)

by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
ISBN-13: 9781284080179
ISBN-10: 128408017X
Edition: 11
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Format: Paperback 1581 pages