Why Rent College Textbooks?

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 If you are still not sure whether it makes sense for you to rent textbooks, we have collected a list of various reasons why you should not hesitate when seeing a great rental offer.

  1. Easiness. If you are buying a book, the chances are that you might not want to get involved in all that buyback hassle and risk being paid nothing due to fall in prices. Therefore, you’re gonna have a bad time overpaying for the textbooks you will no longer need. Renting solves this problem, allowing you to pay only a part of the initial price and saving you the trouble.

  2. You don’t have enough money for a new book, which is nothing to be afraid of, we all know they cost a small fortune. Essentially, if you sell back your textbooks, you are also “renting” them, with difference between the initial price and buyback quote being a “rental fee”. The thing is, if your book is rented, you’re paying that guaranteed fee at the beginning (which is much less than when buying) and don’t leave the amount of the fee to fate.

  3. Your book is not a custom edition. If the textbook required is a edition sponsored by a particular university or professor, there is very little chance you can find it in rentals. So, make sure your textbook is available at rental websites.

  4. There are no access codes. Obviously, there is no guarantee that the book that was in use so many times would have an unused access code. You are able to buy the codes separately online, but as follows, you have to research if there is such an opportunity first.

  5. Quick delivery. Many students are fearing rentals because of slow shipping and therefore, inability to use the book when it’s needed the most. Worry not, the companies involved in rentals are aware that the books are needed fast, and send it really quickly.

  6. Free return shipping. Yes, you heard it right -- you don’t need to pay when returning the book you rented, as free shipping labels would be provided in order to ensure your satisfaction with the service, and most importantly, save you more money.

So, after weighing all pros and cons, it would be up to you to decide whether you should rent or buy a textbook. The more reasons from the list apply to you, the higher is the likelihood that you’d be better off renting. Still, enjoy saving your money with BooksRun, whether it be renting , selling back, or buying cheaper used textbooks.

Updated on December 25th, 2019