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Here are our June recommendations for Cancer. For this summer sign, we’ve prepared three books that we hope will be both inspiring and entertaining. One of them is about family matters, the second one is a blend of mystery and thriller, and the last one is a piece of non-fiction that reconsiders the meaning of a normal family.

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Whether your plan for the summer includes long days on a beach or short breaks on a couch, having a reading list to hand is always nice. We’ve checked the most exciting books recommended to read this summer and are ready to share them with you. Surely enough, the books we’re highlighting are the ones that appealed to us for some reason or another. You can check the top summer 2022 reads for each reading level on websites that specialize in book reviews.

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A book cover undoubtedly makes the first impression. Just one look—and we are either urged to start reading a book right away or put it aside indifferently. The book cover speaks about the content; all its elements complement each other and are designed to match the book’s characters and story. They work together to produce the desired effect and communicate the author’s ideas in the best way possible.

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