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Even with the growing popularity of digital books, we are still attached to reading hard copies. Your collection of used books can contain quite a few cheap paperbacks. But what if you have treasures like expensive used textbooks, photo albums, rare books, and encyclopedias? It’s quite a good idea to sell them! Especially when there are so many places to sell books online. 

Selling online is definitely more convenient than driving to a shop with a pile of used books just to learn that this bookstore doesn’t offer any buyback for your collection. But how can you make sure that you’re getting the best deal? Are there any pitfalls to be aware of? Here is our guide for finding the best place to sell books online!

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On average, a student like you uses eight textbooks per academic year — depending on the major, of course. These textbooks are often accompanied by a few study guides and other supportive study materials. It all amounts to… well, more than 30 expensive books, proudly occupying your shelves as if a glorious representation of all the knowledge and qualification you’ve obtained. And you can definitely feel the burden of that knowledge when figuring out what to do next with all these books. Of course, you can’t just dump them in the general waste bin. You need to recycle textbooks. 

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And now we are going back to college, after everything that the pandemic has brought on us. Although the pandemic is not over, the vaccine rollout makes our prospects of a relatively normal campus life more realistic. Nevertheless, we all share feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. We’re back to school, but not “back to normal” yet, if ever. 

Especially for freshmen, this situation is unprecedented — their first expectations of campus experiences collide with the overall novelty of the circumstances, and not much advice or navigation exists. We’ve pieced together some tips that you should definitely look at when going back to college after the pandemic.

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How can we possibly make our studying routine less cluttered with digital noise and focus on studying? Is it possible to minimize all the distractions? Zenware apps are definitely one of the solutions. These apps help you concentrate on the one task you are supposed to do by eliminating interface clutter, notifications, and often noises. While these apps usually cost quite a bit, we also offer you a combination of free apps for focusing on studying that can substitute any fancy Zenware. 

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We are all in need of accurate book summaries once in a while, especially when studying at college or hopping on a busy work schedule. There are so many reading lists and recommendations like “100 books everybody should read”, “10 Best Sci-Fi Books,” or more college-specific “12 Books Every Law Student Should Read.” But how can one possibly devour and digest all this information, especially when it’s not just for fun but also relevant for your college studies and career? The answer is: find book summaries for college students. 

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