Zenware: The Best Apps for Focusing on Studying

a laptop with a zenware app for focusing on studying 

How can we possibly make our studying routine less cluttered with digital noise and focus on studying? Is it possible to minimize all the distractions? Zenware apps are definitely one of the solutions. These apps help you concentrate on the one task you are supposed to do by eliminating interface clutter, notifications, and often noises. While these apps usually cost quite a bit, we also offer you a combination of free apps for focusing on studying that can substitute any fancy Zenware. 

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News about BooksRun Sustainability Principles and Green Initiatives

booksrun sustainability principles

BooksRun is a company whose mission is to make our world, education, and learning culture more sustainable. We care about sustainability of our operations and also encourage this eco-friendly approach among you, our friends and customers!  Here, we’ll unpack all the sustainability principles that drive our company. Join us, and let’s go green together!

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6 Ways to Find Book Summaries for College Students

trying to find book summaries on laptop

We are all in need of accurate book summaries once in a while, especially when studying at college or hopping on a busy work schedule. There are so many reading lists and recommendations like “100 books everybody should read”, “10 Best Sci-Fi Books,” or more college-specific “12 Books Every Law Student Should Read.” But how can one possibly devour and digest all this information, especially when it’s not just for fun but also relevant for your college studies and career? The answer is: find book summaries for college students. 

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The Best Nutrition Books for Beginners

best nutrition books for beginners 

Food affects our body, fitness, cognitive functions, and mood — it basically defines our life quality. But how can you possibly make sense of thousands of nutrition tips and rules? We all know that eating less sugar and saturated fats and consuming more fiber is largely beneficial, but what’s the science behind it? How can you turn this scientific maxim into an approachable action plan on a daily basis? We have a solution. Here is a list of the best nutrition books for beginners that are exciting to read and full of applicable tips. Start making a change right now!

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How to implement the reading practice in your everyday routine?


This is a guest post by Vanya Walker

What do billionaires Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, and Oprah Winfrey among others have in common? Yes, they’re billionaires. But other than money, these billionaires have one thing in common: they all read books daily. In fact, every billionaire in America says that reading books is the key to their success.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t read books and even the thought of reading something sounds old-fashioned or even boring. If that’s your case, don’t worry. You’re not alone: there’re millions of people like you in America and elsewhere in the world. 

Therefore, in this article, I will discuss in detail, how to implement the reading practice in your everyday routine. Let’s start by comprehending the reasons why you should read daily.

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BooksRun Coupons and Where to Find Them

earn more on buyback with booksrun coupons

Earning more money than expected sounds quite good, doesn’t it? Well, BooksRun Coupons make it all real. With a BookRun bonus code, you’ll get an additional 5-7% to your check for a buyback order. Fantastic coupons, but where can you find them? Here are four tips below.

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6 Awesome Apps to Sell Stuff Online: Locally and Sustainably

a sustainable package used to sell stuff online

There are several sustainable ways of getting rid of used stuff: recycling, donating, reusing, sharing. These actions will definitely bring us sustainability karma points but not that much money. But what if you want to sell valuable stuff, like branded clothing, electronics, textbooks? You have several sustainable options, such as to sell locally or use eco-friendly marketplaces. Here is our top-list of 6 awesome apps to sell stuff online.

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Great news from BooksRun: Ship your used books with no need to print a shipping label

QR code

Usually, when you sell your books or return rentals, you need to send the used books to the venue that provides buyback or rental services. To send them, you need to print a shipping label and attach it to the package. Easy, right? Yes, if you have a printer at home. If you don’t, you have to find a way to get this label printed. Yes, in 2021.

BooksRun found a better way. Now you can use a special QR code instead of looking for a printer to print a shipping label. No printing, no papers, no problems shipping your books to BooksRun!

Fast and easy – ship your books to us when you sell or return rentals without printing shipping labels! Just show the QR code to the mail carrier to send the books.

Carriers included: FedEx and USPS

The feature is available for the following services:

  • Buyback (when you sell your used books to us)
  • Rentals Return (when you return the books you rented from us)
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The Most Engaging Movies and Books on Sports History

why you should read books on sports history 

2020 will be written down in sports history books as a year of lost hope and cravings for live events. It was the fourth time in the history of sports when the Summer Olympics were canceled (the games were also put on hold in 1916, 1940, and 1944). Finally, after sports were on hold for a year, we are back in the game! Faithful fans, if not back to the stadiums, are back to their screens, fervently watching their favorite sports.

This season is remarkably packed compared to the stillness of 2020, both with live events and controversies spurred around such initiatives as the European Super League or whether we should hold the Olympics this year at all. In the time between watching your favorite sportsmen and women pedaling, running, jumping, kicking, and serving, have you ever wondered about the history of sports you’re so inspired by? Sports books and movies based on true stories amount to a fulfilling opportunity to learn more about a particular sport so that you can later maximize your excitement from live sports events, training, and performing yourself! 

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How Much is a Book Worth? Know the Answer and Buy Books Cheaply

a student wondering how much is a book worth

What are we paying for when adding a book to our shopping cart? In other words, how much is a book worth? Some textbooks are priced over 100$, while others are sold for a price ten times less. So there should be a secret component that determines the price of a book (no, it’s not publishers’ greediness, although sometimes, it is actually the case). So what is it? Knowing the value and market price of a book will help you buy books cheaply and save on items like textbooks, whose prices are artificially high. 

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