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Human sexuality is an area of academic research that has been actively developing since the beginning of the last century. Due to fall of the stigma concerning sexual behavior in the Western world, studying the patterns became much easier and brought a lot of fruitful results and knowledge we can use now. It is tightly connected to human psychology, biology, and chemistry of the brain as well as cultural differences and customs. Sexuality in the context of society is also an important subject of study in order to see how it changes in the course of history and understand what events and processes influence it. Education in the field of sexuality may also be a matter of national importance as it promotes psychologically healthier behavior and prevents different diseases and deaths caused by ignorance. If you have used or new textbooks dedicated to human sexuality, make sure you sell them to us and get cash in return! Check out our wide choice or just search for the books(s) you’re willing to sell, and enjoy our quick and convenient service and free shipping!

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Our Sexuality

by Crooks, Robert L., Baur, Karla
ISBN-13: 9781305646520
ISBN-10: 1305646525
Edition: 13
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Format: Hardcover 604 pages

Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Interdisciplinary and Intersectional Approaches

by Saraswati, Edited by L. Ayu, Shaw, Barbara, Rellihan, Heather
ISBN-13: 9780190266066
ISBN-10: 0190266066
Edition: 1
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback 656 pages

Sexuality Now: Embracing Diversity

by Carroll, Janell L.
ISBN-13: 9781337404990
ISBN-10: 1337404993
Edition: 6
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Format: Paperback 672 pages

Discovering Human Sexuality, Fourth Edition

by LeVay, Simon, Baldwin, Janice, Baldwin, John
ISBN-13: 9781605356693
ISBN-10: 1605356697
Edition: 4
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Sinauer Associates is an imprint of Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback 696 pages

The Psychology of Human Sexuality

by Lehmiller, Justin J.
ISBN-13: 9781119164739
ISBN-10: 1119164737
Edition: 2
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Format: Paperback 472 pages

Human Sexuality

by Hock Ph.D., Roger R.
ISBN-13: 9780134003566
ISBN-10: 013400356X
Edition: 4
Publication date: 2015
Publisher: Pearson
Format: Paperback 704 pages

The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality

by Ore, Tracy E.
ISBN-13: 9780190647964
ISBN-10: 0190647965
Edition: 7
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback 544 pages

The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race and Ethnicity, Sex and Gender, Social Class, Sexuality, and Disability

by Rosenblum, Karen, Travis, Toni-Michelle
ISBN-13: 9780078027024
ISBN-10: 0078027020
Edition: 7
Publication date: 2015
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Format: Paperback 560 pages

Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Class: Dimensions of Inequality and Identity

ISBN-13: 9781506365817
ISBN-10: 1506365817
Edition: 3
Publication date: 2019
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
Format: Paperback 720 pages

Sex Matters: The Sexuality and Society Reader (Fourth Edition)

by undefined
ISBN-13: 9780393935868
ISBN-10: 0393935868
Edition: Fourth
Publication date: 2013
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Format: Paperback 752 pages