Scientific Facts: Why Should We Read Books?

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scientific facts about reading books

Books that we read for pleasure may tell us a lot about humans and their inner world. In other words, books are mirrors of our souls. That wonderful spirit of magic and fantasy that broadens the mind helps to make real life brighter and full of sense. Of course, one cannot but mention the abundance of pros that reading a book may bring, even if we exclude that a different genre of textbooks (especially college books for studies) also teach us to analyze, retrieve facts, focus on details, and just develop our logic. 

However, nowadays, up-to-date technologies help scientists who have managed to even estimate the degree of books’ influence on our general development. Here are the facts that cannot be contradicted:

  • While reading a wonderful book composed by a smart person, one gets accustomed to speaking smartly too.
  • The culture that comprises our inner world is estimated not in the number of books read but in the quantity of understood and correctly interpreted books.
  • People who read books instead of watching TV will control those who prefer to do the latter thing.
  • Books are considered better than movies since our imagination is not limited to a certain amount of special effects in our minds.
  • The more one reads, the less he imitates others.
  • People may be divided into two categories: the first group belongs to those who read books themselves and enjoy them, while the second group corresponds to the part of the population who tends only to listen to those readers’ comments and stories.
  • Our general knowledge is composed of seeds that were collected step by step while reading a smart edition, as the dollar consists of cents that are stored coin by coin.
  • Reading is a real physical activity for brains and minds at the same degree as physical exercises for our bodies. It is also one of the best ways to sharpen your memory.
  • Just to become a smart person, all you need to do is to read ten smart books. However, in order to find those ten smart books, you need to read thousands of them. Our list of 5 best non-fiction books might be a shortcut to this rule!
  • One cannot but trust books since they keep silent when needed and tell us a lot by opening a spectacular unknown hidden world when requested.

Throughout the world, books have gained the reputation of our good friends who are always eager to provide necessary advice or teach us a lesson. Once Francis Bacon said: “Books are the ships of thoughts wandering through the waves of time and carrying their precious cargo from generation to generation.” Thus, books can be regarded as inventors of our imagination and constructors of wise life paths.

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