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It’s only April, but so many new great books will be published soon, and the summer will bring more great titles! To help you navigate this avalanche of upcoming summer books and help you not to miss a thing, we’ve done the homework for you.

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Have you watched The Mayfair Witches’ most recent TV adaptation? Whether or not you’re a fan of Anne Rice’s books and her supernatural fantasy trilogy, The Lives of the Mayfair Witches, you can give it a try. In the meanwhile, in this post, we’ll focus on her books and the stories they tell.

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Today, we’ve decided to compile a list of books for science lovers and knowledge geeks. If you’re into space exploration, are fascinated by the world of plants, are eager for amazing discoveries, or want to know more about the secrets of medicine and psychology, tune in for our top picks this week.

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People find it almost impossible to put down the page-turners from Colleen Hoover. And even if you have to put her book down, it’s extremely hard to resist reading just a few more pages… Why so? Let’s try to understand the charm behind Colleen Hoover books.

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There is no such thing as too many books to read! To book lovers like us, every new book out of print is a jam, and this month, we’ll share with you five of the upcoming releases across several genres—the books we’ve liked and hope you’ll find fascinating, too. Indeed, they are not the only books to be released in January; there are way more. However, let’s start with this set, and if you like them, you’ll be able to find recommendations for something similar—we’ll definitely help you with that!

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We’re now entering the last month of fall, and it’s Scorpio season. We are ready with three book recommendations that we hope Scorpios will like: contemporary fairy tales, a mystery thriller, and an exploration of the history of witches (of sorts). And while it’s a Halloween season as well, we’ve also decided to make our set of recommendations relevant to this faboolous holiday.

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The middle of fall is a Libra season. So today, we’ve prepared our special book recommendations for Libras. In this review, we’ve picked three books in hopes of entertaining and fascinating these air signs: a family drama, a teen romance, and a beautifully devastating coming-of-age story.

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