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We’re now entering the last month of fall, and it’s Scorpio season. We are ready with three book recommendations that we hope Scorpios will like: contemporary fairy tales, a mystery thriller, and an exploration of the history of witches (of sorts). And while it’s a Halloween season as well, we’ve also decided to make our set of recommendations relevant to this faboolous holiday.

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Ah, Bridgerton! Many of us have been taken in by love, scandals, dramas, and splendid outfits since the first season started streaming on Netflix. And there is a good reason for it—hardy can you find so much beauty and controversy in one piece. So let’s take a look at why all things Bridgerton have captivated both Julia Quinn readers and Netflix users.

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Here are our June recommendations for Cancer. For this summer sign, we’ve prepared three books that we hope will be both inspiring and entertaining. One of them is about family matters, the second one is a blend of mystery and thriller, and the last one is a piece of non-fiction that reconsiders the meaning of a normal family.

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