The Most Engaging Movies and Books on Sports History

why you should read books on sports history 

2020 will be written down in sports history books as a year of lost hope and cravings for live events. It was the fourth time in the history of sports when the Summer Olympics were canceled (the games were also put on hold in 1916, 1940, and 1944). Finally, after sports were on hold for a year, we are back in the game! Faithful fans, if not back to the stadiums, are back to their screens, fervently watching their favorite sports.

This season is remarkably packed compared to the stillness of 2020, both with live events and controversies spurred around such initiatives as the European Super League or whether we should hold the Olympics this year at all. In the time between watching your favorite sportsmen and women pedaling, running, jumping, kicking, and serving, have you ever wondered about the history of sports you’re so inspired by? Sports books and movies based on true stories amount to a fulfilling opportunity to learn more about a particular sport so that you can later maximize your excitement from live sports events, training, and performing yourself! 

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Book Therapy: How Reading Books Can Help You Feel Better

book therapy can help you treat challenging mental states and live through difficulties

Book Therapy, also known as bibliotherapy, is a fantastic healing practice for book enthusiasts like you and me. It is no secret that books can help you solve problems, boost your mood, and offer condolences. And you do not have to exclusively turn to omnipresent self-help books. Our favorite fiction books, when chosen carefully and read therapeutically, can aid you in treating anxiety and loss as well as live through overwhelming emotions, both positive and negative. Discover how bibliotherapy works, and BooksRun will always support you when it comes to buying books and delivering them on time.

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10 Best Podcasts about Books: Listen about what you Read

listening to podcasts about books in 2020

Raise your hand if you like listening to podcasts while doing all kinds of stuff: washing the dishes, walking your dog, commuting, cleaning. This week we can officially celebrate your passion — it is International Podcast Day! Isn’t it the best occasion to refresh your library and pick some new great shows for the coming academic year? We have already prepared an extensive list of podcasts about history, philosophy, and self-help topics. Hurry up to check these fantastic shows. Today it’s time for something extraordinary: BooksRun made for you a selection of 10 fabulous podcasts about books to treat a book-lover and a podcast-geek in you! 

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World Book Day: 9 Ideas to Celebrate Your Love for Books in 2021, and Not Just by Reading

celebrating world book day

This week, on April 23, we are celebrating World Book Day. We salute the joy of reading that can never be taken away from us, even if everything else shatters into pieces. This celebration is inspired by UNESCO, promoting literature, education, and fair copyright use. All the bookworms, college students, authors, editors, and publishers can rejoice, comfort themselves with a mug of tea, and celebrate the best-loved activity — reading. But what are other ways of creating a festive mood on World Book Day? Here are several fascinating ways to praise your favorite books, and not just by reading them.

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12 Best Libraries Every Book Lover Should Visit One Day

old libraries worth visiting

Main topics in this article concern top libraries in the world, largest libraries in the world, top university libraries, famous libraries, largest high school libraries, top university libraries, best libraries in the US, beautiful libraries.

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6 Best Cookbooks with Literature Inspired Recipes

cooking with literary-inspired recipes

Cookbooks! There are so many of them, they are so beautifully designed, and the pictures with the final version of the recipe are so mouth-watering! Now imagine if a cookbook contains the recipes inspired by the food served in Harry Porter’s Hogwarts halls or in the aristocratic dining room of Jane Austen’s house in Bath, England? Preparing this kind of literature inspired food will let you understand the culture and the times described in the book even better! Moreover, you will impress all your friends by serving dishes mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays, for example! Check below our collection of famous cookbooks with recipes inspired by different novels, poems and plays.

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