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Are you a book-lover whose best pastime is sitting in a cozy place reading a book? We know what you need! Today, we are not giving book recommendations, but we’ve compiled a list of ideas where you can read the next book. First of all, we suggest that you visit libraries from time to time, as they are designated for reading, and some of them are exceptionally beautiful and a pleasure to stay. Next and not that obvious, botanical gardens can also be a lovely place to read a book.

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2020 will be written down in sports history books as a year of lost hope and cravings for live events. It was the fourth time in the history of sports that the Summer Olympics were canceled (the games were also put on hold in 1916, 1940, and 1944). Finally, after sports were on hold for a year, we are back in the game! Faithful fans, if not back to the stadiums, are back to their screens, fervently watching their favorite sports.

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Book Therapy, also known as bibliotherapy, is a fantastic healing practice for book enthusiasts like you and me. It is no secret that books can help you solve problems, boost your mood, and offer condolences. And you do not have to exclusively turn to omnipresent self-help books. Our favorite fiction books, when chosen carefully and read therapeutically, can aid you in treating anxiety and loss as well as live through overwhelming emotions, both positive and negative.

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