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So many books, so little time. That’s probably what you think when you look at your TBR pile next to your table. Can you read books faster? Is it possible to read a book a day? Several books a day? Will you truly understand and remember what you read?  Should you learn how to read faster? Let’s discuss it today.

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As we’re about to turn the page to a new year, some incredible literary works are already scheduled to be released in 2024. In this article, we have browsed through the New Yorker’s list of the most anticipated books and have selected ten titles that have piqued our interest the most. So, get ready to add some new books to your reading list.

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Embarking on your college journey is an exciting yet overwhelming experience. With so much to plan and prepare for, creating a comprehensive college packing list is crucial to ensure everything goes well. In this post, we’ll guide you through the process and provide you with the ultimate college packing list for 2023. Tune in!

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It’s not such a big secret that publishers keep making new editions of popular textbook titles every single year, but apparently, some books never go out of fashion as they keep holding the top places in our sales rankings. Most of them are required basics in such courses as Anatomy & Physiology, Sociology, Calculus, etc., and serve as an introduction to the world of other specialized subjects.

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Today, when we celebrate the multiple women’s achievements and the movement for female rights, one can ponder how the most female cinematic sensation of the past months—Greta Gerwig’s Little Women—can relate to it. This movie is not an epicenter of battling film critics and cheering fans anymore, and it might be off the big screen in your hometown.

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When you hear people talking about classic literature, have you ever wondered what they actually mean by this term? What is the classic book definition? Are these bestseller books that they are talking about? Or maybe books that were written a long time ago? We decided to clear this out for you here.

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As a student out there, you always appreciate a good pen with a steady ink flow to help you with taking notes during the lectures with your professors. When you consider purchasing a pen, you usually pay attention to its ink color, handle grip, paper glide as well as price. What if you need to mark something accurately on the margins of your copybook or even in the textbook? You definitely need a pencil to do it! So what do you need to consider when you are thinking of buying a good pencil and what is the best wood pencil for studying?

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If you love Netflix, then you have definitely watched their 13-episode drama “Thirteen Reasons Why” based on the eponymous novel by Jay Asher. Both the book and the television adaptation tell the story how after the suicide of a teenage girl, her classmate receives a number of tapes that gradually uncover the reason for her tragic decision. Below we prepared some other stories that resemble this book and which you will love if you have already appreciated the characters of the “13 Reasons Why”.

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