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Here you can find our recommendations of exciting fiction and non-fiction books. Read a collection of articles about top books of different categories and news related to the textbook market.

Food affects our body, fitness, cognitive functions, and mood—it basically defines our life quality. But how can you possibly make sense of thousands of nutrition tips and rules? We all know that eating less sugar and saturated fats and consuming more fiber is largely beneficial, but what’s the science behind it? How can you turn this scientific maxim into an approachable action plan on a daily basis? We have a solution. Here is a list of the best nutrition books for beginners that are exciting to read and full of applicable tips. Start making a change right now!

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What are we paying for when adding a book to our shopping cart? In other words, how much is a book worth? Some textbooks are priced over 100$, while others are sold for a price ten times less. So there should be a secret component that determines the price of a book (no, it’s not publishers’ greediness, although sometimes, it is actually the case). So what is it? Knowing the value and market price of a book will help you buy books cheaply and save on items like textbooks, whose prices are artificially high. 

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The textbook market is thriving in 2021 — new titles, editions, and reprints appear every minute. But how can you possibly know which are the best textbooks in your subject? Is this introductory textbook of outstanding quality or, on the contrary, this edition appeared in the wake of the textbook pricing racket system? Checking upon Textbook Awards will definitely help you find college books that are based on the most recent scholarship and whose pedagogy is delivered according to the best practices! Find a digest of the best textbooks to buy in 2021 below — only award-winning books included!

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From my high school days, I remember that сhemistry books tended to be extremely tedious and complicated—only true science geeks could enjoy this convoluted reading. The times have changed! Now the shelves are filled with fascinating сhemistry books that are excellent for self-study and suitable for total beginners! If you are looking for an easy-read сhemistry book before university, when all the comprehensive studies begin, there will be a treat for you as well! Here is a list of chemistry books that every undergrad student should be familiar with!

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Have you heard that learning languages as an adult is terribly hard? Maybe these scientific elaborations have even prevented you from embarking on this language journey. However, with the right tools and practices at hand, being above your 20s will not hinder you in mastering a language of your choice. Intrigued? Read more about the myths of learning languages and discover the best studying strategies for your next linguistic endeavor! 

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For all history fans out there — here is an ultimate list of 20 history books that you’d enjoy reading. These will suit humanities students, history enthusiasts, and anybody who is looking for an engaging read. Are you interested in prehistory or the Middle Ages? Or do you want to know more about black history? We have endeavored to include various histories in this collection, sorted more or less chronologically. So aficionados of contemporary history should scroll down without further ado! 

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Doubtfully there is any psychology student who is not familiar with general textbooks like Introduction to Psychology or Feldman’s Understanding Psychology. But what are other psychology books that will be interesting for young specialists, freshmen, applicants, and psychology-lovers? 

We’ve selected 10 must-read books for psychology students that you should read to get a better understanding of the field and ensure a fruitful, exciting career. It might be that you’ve come across some of the items on your syllabus. If not — you surely will so invest in your book collection now! If you are only choosing if this field is for you, there is no better way to know than to read a few books from the list as an experiment. Do these stories about clinical experiments, therapy, neurology, logical errors, and brain cells inspire you?

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Create a holiday mood not only by putting on “All I Want for Christmas” but by reading awesome Christmas books. They are full of magic, love, sacrifice, and mysterious events (well, even criminal stories, if you please). Christmas is too of an important cultural and family event to be left untouched by the greatest authors of our times. If you dig deep enough, almost any writer has put in a word or two about this holiday season. It is a lot to choose from, and we’ve made a list of novels, short stories, fairy tales, and memoirs to inspire you to find some holiday mood while reading.

You can use some of these books as presents or add them to your holiday reading list for the next year. Many of these texts were turned into movies and cartoons so that you can double up the pleasure. We suggest you pick a book or two from the selection below, sit in a cozy chair with a mug of warm beverage, and dive into the holiday mood! 

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Do you pay attention to the type of textbook binding when choosing a book or a blank notebook? Books come in different formats and binding styles, but does it even matter? Surprisingly, it does! Different types of book binding weren’t created just for fun. Bookbinding affects the price of your textbook (you will learn what type of binding to get to save money) as well as the book’s durability and functionality. If it is a hard toil just to place the textbook on the table, you might not study it with the same enthusiasm as a volume that lays nicely on your desk. In the end, the type of binding influences the quality of your studies and impacts your budget! Learn the difference between paperback and hardcover, how to choose the perfect binding for your textbooks and make a binding for a notebook yourself! 

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Hi there, it’s Tom!
How’s the academic year rolling?

We’ve been talking a lot about used books and how profitable it is to sell college books back. But how does it work in reality? Can one really save money on textbooks? Let’s have a look at real numbers from the last year — they talk for themselves.

Max buys textbooks the usual way ($485)

Here is Max. Last year, he started at the Law School at Georgetown University. As a freshman, he hasn’t figured out yet his ways around the campus. Max was also puzzled about how to save money while studying. Should he cut on lunches? Or maybe pause his Netflix subscription? 

Apart from all tuition and enrolment expenses, Max has to spend heaps of money on new textbooks. For every class he takes, he needs to get a hefty pricey book. Well, last academic year, with the list of books at hand, Max purchased those three brand new books with glossy pages on Amazon… and left 485 dollars at the checkout. Well, Max indeed had to tighten his belt not to spend too much that season.

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