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Category: Book Horoscope

We’re now entering the last month of fall, and it’s Scorpio season. We are ready with three book recommendations that we hope Scorpios will like: contemporary fairy tales, a mystery thriller, and an exploration of the history of witches (of sorts). And while it’s a Halloween season as well, we’ve also decided to make our set of recommendations relevant to this faboolous holiday.

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The middle of fall is a Libra season. So today, we’ve prepared our special book recommendations for Libras. In this review, we’ve picked three books in hopes of entertaining and fascinating these air signs: a family drama, a teen romance, and a beautifully devastating coming-of-age story.

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Our fall recommendations for Virgos have arrived. In this review, we’ve picked three books for these earth signs: a mystery set in the world of Jane Austen’s characters, a dark-humor piece set in Ireland, and a part-memoir. Virgos will love them. Well, we hope so.

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Our August recommendations for Leo have arrived. We’ve picked three books for our last summer sign: a documentary sketch, a dystopia, and a thriller. They are as different as one can imagine; however, this is exactly what we had in mind. Leos will be fascinated.

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Here are our June recommendations for Cancer. For this summer sign, we’ve prepared three books that we hope will be both inspiring and entertaining. One of them is about family matters, the second one is a blend of mystery and thriller, and the last one is a piece of non-fiction that reconsiders the meaning of a normal family.

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