12 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Students and Book Lovers

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The holiday season is snapping on our heels and it brings long-waited family gatherings, crazy student parties, coffee-sipping and gossiping with your high-school and college friends and…  headaches. And no, not from Jingle Bell Rock or Mariah Carey’s voice (but this definitely contributes). These are presents that are giving us all pains—to think of, to choose, to order, to wrap, to buy at the very last moment?! If you haven’t kept a list of your family’s, friends’ and colleagues’ wishes throughout the year, you might not come up with an idea in the last minute.

This gift guide is designed to be your pain-killer: here are gathered the very best gift ideas that would be especially fitting for college students and bookworms. These gifts are suitable for her and for him and these items will actually be used, we guarantee. It is also exciting that these gift ideas aren’t books either and you can quickly order them online, find in the nearest target or even craft them yourself! Any of these presents will definitely delight your college-mates, school friends, or family members passionate about books and will keep you on budget.

1. Customized bookplate. Anybody who keeps a small library (be it only one shelf of fiction, Marvel comics or college textbooks) would love to make it personal — it is possible with customized bookplates and ex libris. A fabulous unique sticker, stamp, or even an embossing will make any textbook or novel so much more desirable! The bookplates are designed to feature an owner’s name, initials, or a symbol. You can find multiple options on Etsy, just find the one that fits your friend the best! Aren’t they fantastic?

2. Book Journal. A perfect gift for a person who is obsessed with keeping lists and reading books—this journal is created to keep records of the books read, one’s emotions and reviews, book-wish-lists as well as keep track of books lent to friends and due-dates for rented items. It’s also useful for managing your college textbooks: what are the rentals you want to keep, which ones you intend to sell and when you have to return your rented items. There are many options on the market (some have alphabetized entries, some are blank): you can opt for a well-known brand or try to find something crafted locally or even make a customized Book Journal for your friend yourself from any blank good-quality notebook!

3. Clip-on book light. This little thingy that you can clip on your book or a shelf allows you to read whenever and wherever you want—a privilege any college student or a bookie would enjoy.

4. Candles with literary scents. Wondering how Alice in the Wonderland would smell like? Get your friend a candle with literary scents or with an actual scent of an old book for creating an inspirational atmosphere for productive studying and enjoying (you can find an option on Uncommongoods or Amazon).

5. Funny bookends. These little helpers are needed for organizing your shelves with textbooks, notebooks or your exclusive Harry Potter editions—only something very special can deal with this task.

6. Bookmarks and sets of post-its. We all have them in our drawers, but trust me, never enough. Your friend is probably bored with usual ones, so choose something special—with different texts, textures, forms; already designed for time-management or writing down your study notes. Also, think of creating a personalized bookmark for your bookworm-friend!

7. Good teas. Either a pack of your friend’s favorite or a trial set—a cup of excellent full-bodied tea is a perfect companion to share a moment with a favorite book or to keep you up in the evening when preparing for exams. This is way better and healthier than coffee or sodas: one can get a toning effect with green or black teas, while white and herbal ones are good for calming down.

8. Reading blanket. The colder months are coming, so you want to keep warm and cozy under a blanket and still have your hands free to hold to a book or your college reading materials. A wearable blanket with sleeves is what you need to cheer your friend up!

9. Bookstand pillow. When you can’t study at your desk anymore, it’s your soft savior. Just place a textbook on this soft book stand—and you can almost cuddle with it in your bed while studying for a class the next day.

10. Noise-canceling headset. Nothing exciting here, we all have heard about those, but it is still an essential gadget to survive through college years and hours of studying in noisy libraries. Anybody who likes reading in quiet will also benefit from it. The good thing is that now there is a massive range of options on the market for different prices that won’t empty your wallet.

11. Floating bookshelf. It is an excellent functional solution for keeping and organizing your books, suitable even for college dorm rooms.

12. Buyback coupons for your used textbooks. Last but not least—you can share this 7% coupon code JOYCODE570 with your college friends and use it till 27 December. If they don’t know yet about Booksrun and still don’t save up money on used university textbooks—2020 is the time they learn about it and start using this life-saving platform for college students.

Merry Christmas, our dear friends!

Iliana K