How to Earn More on Textbook Buyback?

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It’s the buyback season, and many students are selling their textbooks to campus bookstores, freshmen, or various websites that offer the best prices. However, sometimes they don’t get the full price or their books are simply not accepted due to their bad condition. To avoid this, students can prevent books from getting damaged or used, and here is the list of precautions that you are free to take.

Book covers

Textbooks are inevitably getting scratched or creased from use, and if you don’t care too much about the way you stuff them in your bag, a simple book cover might be the perfect way out. It can get torn or dirty, but that won’t influence the price of your book in any way.

Careful with food or drinks

Although you can be tempted to snack during your study marathons before the exams, it’s best that you take a break and eat somewhere far away from the precious $300 books. The same goes for coffee, soda, etc. – it’s not very nice for the next owner to buy a book and see that someone has been using it as a coaster. Stained books are obviously losing buyback value, so there’s that.

Less highlighting

Highlighting is quite useful when you want to emphasize the most important parts of the text to learn. However, you can get carried away, and the pages of your textbooks might end up looking as if someone spilled a bucket of paint all over the text. To escape this kind of situation, you can simply write down the bullet points somewhere else instead of a textbook – some scientists claim that making notes on something helps the brain to remember the subject better.

In general, taking care of the books and not throwing them around will definitely keep their prices up and allow you to get more than 0.2¢ for a $250 book when you sell it.

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