Why Keep the Textbook Rentals?

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Renting textbooks has become very popular, and for a good reason: buying a bunch of brand-new books for the whole semester will most likely empty your account if you’re a broke student. But there’s also a good reason for you to change your mind and purchase the book you have rented.

To start with, you can purchase a book on BooksRun only for the difference between the current market value and a rental fee (+other extension fees). There are no hidden restocking fees included in the price.

Also, buying a textbook and then selling it may turn out to be more profitable than renting it. The difference between the initial and buyback prices can be lower than a rental fee. In some cases, you can even earn money on this difference if you sell your book to the right place — like a professional book scouter

Finally, you might want to keep the book for another class or give it to a friend. If you don’t know for sure if you need it for a long time at the beginning of the semester, it’s best that you rent the textbook and make up your mind afterward. It’s a great chance to check the book and decide if you really want to own it.

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