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Reading and writing are essential skills that students mostly learn from school. Unfortunately, because of this, many students only associate it with the study environment, homework, and essays, which gives it a negative connotation. If you hang around as many youngsters as I do, you’ll notice that few teens get as excited about reading a book as they would about watching a show on Netflix or going to the movies.

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The holiday season is snapping on our heels, and it brings long-waited family gatherings, crazy student parties, coffee-sipping and gossiping, and…  headaches. And no, not from Jingle Bell Rock or Mariah Carey’s voice (but this definitely contributes). These are presents that are giving us all pains—to think of, to choose, to order, to wrap, to buy at the very last moment?! If you haven’t kept a list of everyone’s wishes throughout the year, you might not come up with an idea at the last minute.

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