10 Most Popular Decor Ideas for a Christmas Tree

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We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of Christmas tree decorating ideas already this year. But let us give you a few more. In this article, we’ve collected ten ideas that we at BooksRun specifically find appealing, from a Christmas tree made from books to elegant Christmas paper balls. Take a look and maybe get inspired! And yes, we couldn’t but mention book-related decorations! We’re all about books, after all.

Christmas Cheer Ornament Set

10 Most Popular Decor Ideas for a Christmas Tree 1
Image credit: Balsamhill

These Christmas tree decorations from Balsamhill are simply marvelous! Inspired by vintage motifs, they make a charming addition to your holiday decor. Here’s the store’s recommendation: “Pay homage to Christmases past by decorating with vintage-style ornaments. Choose one design for a unified theme or mix and match to create a festive holiday display.” The set of 70 pieces isn’t exactly cheap; however, you can decorate an entire tree in one go. There are also smaller sets (35, 12, and 6) if you plan to have a smaller tree this year. Also, check their Christmas tree shop online catalog—there are so many beautiful trees there!

Book Page Ornaments

10 Most Popular Decor Ideas for a Christmas Tree 2
Image credit: Pinterest

If you’ve been feeling crafty for the holidays, you can try doing a paper Christmas star, a paper Christmas ball, or even a door wreath from rolled book pages. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest with detailed guidelines on how to do pretty much everything—just let your imagination run free! We’re positive you have some old books you can spare. If you’re not in the mood for DIY, you can get a paper decoration piece online. Check this Alice in Wonderland Book Page Ornament, Pride and Prejudice Deluxe Book Page Ornament, or Lord of the Rings Book Page Ornament. They are made from layers and layers of carefully folded book pages and are adorned with satin ribbons. If you are a book lover (or your friends are), this is an ideal gift. 

Christmas Tree Made of Books

10 Most Popular Decor Ideas for a Christmas Tree 3
Image credit: Pinterest

If this year, you’re in the mood for something unconventional, make a Christmas tree from books. Just like a traditional Christmas tree, you can wrap it with tinsel and decorate it with all sorts of ornaments. Add lights for a more festive feel. Besides, there are plenty of benefits: you don’t have to water it (like a real tree) or vacuum or dust it (like an artificial one). When Christmas is over, you can simply put the books back on shelves (or sell those that you don’t need anymore to BooksRun). Ingenious, right?

Fairy-Tale Christmas Tree

10 Most Popular Decor Ideas for a Christmas Tree 4
Photo by Roland Bello

Alternatively, you can get inspired by Florist Emily Thompson and her fairy-tale-like Christmas tree. You won’t need any expensive decorations (well, apart from the huge Douglas fir itself). But other than this, you can use everything you can find in the forest (or the park) next to your house: moss, chestnuts, pieces of wood, pine cones, and maybe even fallen leaves if you find any in good condition. We can guarantee no other Christmas tree in your neighborhood will look like yours!

Floral Christmas Tree

10 Most Popular Decor Ideas for a Christmas Tree 5
Photo by Karya de Grunwald

If the previous idea sounds like too much of a hassle (and too much cleaning afterward), we have another one: take an artificial Christmas tree of medium size and adorn it with colorful flowers. You can either buy them ready-made or do them yourself from paper or even old book pages. Then, spray-paint all these lilies and poppies and add gold ball centers. Voila! Your floral Christmas tree is ready. No moss, no tree branches, no problems—just a bit of preparation!

Coastal Christmas Tree

10 Most Popular Decor Ideas for a Christmas Tree 6
Photo by Sang An

Here’s another Christmas tree decoration idea, this time for sea lovers. Take a fir tree, hang shells, sea stars, and sand dollars on ribbons, and stick to a pastel-color palette in all decoration elements. Use brown paper and twine to gift wrap everything, put gifts under the tree, and dust everything with a bit of pastel-colored glitter. 

Christmas Pine Cone Ornaments

10 Most Popular Decor Ideas for a Christmas Tree 7
Image credit: Amazon

Do you like pine cones as much as we do? Then you can use them as ornaments! You can easily make them yourself or get them on Amazon anytime. To recreate the small and cute pine cone ornaments like in the image, you just need to go to the closest place where pine trees grow. Get a bagful, let them dry, spray-paint them in any color you like (or use snow spray), and add ribbons. With a few simple steps, you have unique Christmas tree decorations. You can also do it together with kids; they’ll love the fun!

Dried Citrus Garland

10 Most Popular Decor Ideas for a Christmas Tree 8
Photo by Sang An

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to decorate your Christmas tree this year, you should check out floral designer Michael Putnam’s suggestion. He recommends using dried citrus garlands and candles for a charming and one-of-a-kind holiday look. It’s a great way to celebrate the season without breaking the bank!

Freshly Cut Flowers

10 Most Popular Decor Ideas for a Christmas Tree 9
Photo by Maureen M. Evans

Jeffry Weisman and Andrew Fisher, two renowned designers, decided to take a fresh and unconventional approach to decorating their Christmas tree at their Mexican retreat. Instead of using the usual ornaments, they went for freshly cut flowers and baby’s breath, creating a stunning and unique impression of snow. One of the most elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas highlighted in this article, freshly cut flowers are a delicate and unconventional alternative to traditional decorations. We hope you like this festive inspiration!

Black Christmas Tree Decorations

10 Most Popular Decor Ideas for a Christmas Tree 10
Image credit: Walmart

If you find all the previous ideas boring, we have one more suggestion. Although black is not a traditional Christmas color, you can choose to decorate an artificial black Christmas tree to add a stylish touch to your celebration. You can decorate it with lights and ornaments in any color palette you prefer. Moreover, you can use it twice: first as a part of your Halloween-themed decor and then for Christmas. It’s a clever idea, isn’t it? (Check Michaels Christmas trees; they have plenty of trees in black for any taste.)


While everyone knows how to decorate a Christmas tree, the question of how exactly to do it comes up every year. With so many options, how do you choose the perfect decorations? We hope that our list of Christmas tree decoration ideas will leave you feeling inspired and ready to create a festive masterpiece. So, head to your nearest Christmas tree store, pick out the ideal tree, and let your imagination flow! There’s no limit to the magic you can create.

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