10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones

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10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones 1

Christmas is coming! Winter holidays are approaching—it’s high time to think about gift preparation. A nightmare, you may say! Not at all. Even if you are too busy and hate Christmas shopping, we suggest taking a different approach. After all this instability and bad news, we need this period of joy and excitement.

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of 10 Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones that you can easily get online. Some of them are traditional gifts, while others are more unconventional. However, we urge you to stretch your creativity and get inspired by our list. Perhaps, you’ll come up with other ideas that will make your near-and-dear happy. You know them best of all, after all, to think of something that will surprise and delight them. Yet if you are at a loss, here are our suggestions.

We’ll start with the classics and then move on to more unusual gifts. Read on!

Jayne Redmond Biscuit Bauble

10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones 2
Courtesy of Harrods

Tender and exquisite, this Christmas ball will make any aesthete’s heart flutter. Timeless classics, this work of art from Harrods is what we suggest you get for your friend and family member with the most refined taste. Delicately colored, the ball, oh sorry, bauble, looks absolutely charming and will turn any Christmas tree into a masterpiece. 

Cozy Bootie

10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones 3
Courtesy of Parachutehome

Looking for something cozy? Cozy booties are here for you! These fluffy pull-on booties seem to be designed to keep your feet warm and happy all day long. Eco-friendly, easy to care for, cute-looking, they are perfect for both cuddling on the sofa while watching Christmas shows and busying around the house. Available in all sizes, from extra small to extra large, so you can get a pair for all family members!

Recycled Wool Blanket

10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones 4
Courtesy of Tartanblanketco

To complement the booties and increase the overall level of coziness in the house, get a wool blanket in Buchanan Antique Tartan for someone you love. Eco-friendly (woven from 70% recycled wool), warm, and soft, this cutie will travel to you right from Scotland with love. And as you know, these people know a thing or two about staying warm! 

Blackwing Pencils

10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones 5
Courtesy of Blackwing602

If you are looking for a gift for a creative person, a set of Blackwing pencils may just be what you need. No-no, these are not just pencils. Blackwing is one of the oldest and renowned pencil brands—their pencils date back to the 1930s and have been used by many famous artists and writers. If a person you want to delight this Christmas is into writing or sketching or simply takes pleasure in using pencils instead of pens, this is the present for them.

Reclaimed Wood Serving Trays

10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones 6
Courtesy of West Elm

Once you’re done with festive decorations, have some tea with biscuits. Or coffee with sandwiches, or breakfast in bed. This wooden serving tray from Westelm is just perfect for the occasion: made from repurposed pine in a natural waxed finish, it doesn’t hide any of the imperfections, which makes it even more stylish. It’s a pleasure to see and touch and a great Christmas present idea!

Tabletop Fireplace

10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones 7
Courtesy of Amazon
  • Price: $85 
  • Buy online: Amazon

One of your friends has always wanted a fireplace in the living room but couldn’t install one in an apartment? We know how to make their dreams come true! Give them a portable fireplace for Christmas. That’s right. Portable. Fireplace. No joking, this thing can settle comfortably on the table right in the middle of your living room. The fireplace is easy to care for: it uses rubbing alcohol and doesn’t have a lengthy manual. Ahhh, marshmallows!

Glass Propagation Vase

10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones 8
Courtesy of Sage and Sill

This is a gift for your plant-loving friends. Not exactly Christmas-themed but absolutely gorgeous, these handcrafted glass propagation containers from Sage & Sill will brighten any day. If your loved one is a plant enthusiast, don’t read any further, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. This is so exciting to observe how a plant’s roots are growing!

Kinfolk Table 

10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones 9
Courtesy of Kinfolk
  • Price: $40 (official Kinfolk price); from $19.99 (BooksRun)
  • Buy online: Kinfolk, BooksRun

If your partner or a friend has a dream of having a little Kinfolk-style gathering, you can give them inspiration. This book covers the “relationships that surround eating” and is a compilation of recipes and design ideas. Yeah, all this hot pastry served on linen cloth, and candlelit tables, and small talk. The cookbook is designed beautifully and may not exactly be a manifest of simple living (it’s quite fancy). Still, it’s a great gift if you want to help your partner arrange a little gathering themselves—for Christmas, for instance. You can get the copy either from the official Kinfolk website or find a used alternative on BooksRun. We’d suggest the second option; it’s more eco-friendly, and the books there are pristinely new.

Turn Audio into Art

10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones 10
Courtesy of Etsy
  • Price: from $70
  • Buy online: Etsy

If you want to make an unusual present, here is an idea. You can turn audio into a piece of art. This Etsy shop will convert your favorite song or an audio file with your loved one’s voice into sound-wave art. You can hang it on the wall like a picture. Amazing, isn’t it? An ideal present for romantic couples.

My Neighbor Totoro Night Lamp

10 Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones 11
Courtesy of Weebstuff

We’ll end this list with an unusual gift idea. If your loved one is a fan of Japanese anime in general and Hayao Miyazaki in particular, this My Neighbor Totoro night lamp is what you should get them this Christmas. Your kids will also love cute Totoro, especially if you watch the anime together. Though a little sad, it is a great movie to enjoy during the winter holidays. 

Though there are millions of Christmas gift ideas, it may be hard sometimes to come up with the right one. We hope that our suggestions will help you bring joy to your loved ones during the festivities. Or perhaps, you’ll be inspired to think of something else, even more exciting. 

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