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Ho ho ho! This is Vol. 2 of the top Christmas gift ideas from BooksRun (and a nice surprise)! We’ve decided that you may still need some inspiration for Christmas shopping, so here we are with ten more fantastic gift ideas for your near and dear!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway from BooksRun 1

Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations as a gift may seem cliche; however, we think it’s a great idea. Such a present will be especially appreciated by those who love decorating their house and making it nice and cozy in all seasons—and at Christmas even more. Here, the choice is yours—from Christmas balls to Christmas wreaths—there are plenty of options from very affordable to quite expensive extravagant gifts, so pick the ones you like. 

Top 10 Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway from BooksRun 2

DIY Christmas Gifts

If expensive is not your option this year, you can always go DIY. After all, a Christmas gift is not about the amount of money you spend but the attention and effort you put into the gift. So open Pinterest for inspiration and do something with your own hands—a crafted Christmas ball or a watercolor gift card—we are positive your partner, family, and friends are going to love it!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway from BooksRun 3

Perfume: Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

A fragrance is always a great idea; however, there is a catch: you may not know what a person likes and dislikes. In this case, we have a tip: Escentric Molecule 01 suits almost everyone. It has a complex pheromone-blending formula and is known to have a different scent on different people. You can definitely give it a try if you want to stand out with your gift. 

Top 10 Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway from BooksRun 4

Oil Diffuser

An oil diffuser is one of those unique Christmas gifts—just look at it. With it, you’ll have everything you need for a Christmas movie night: put it next to a Christmas tree, grab a blanket and a cup of tea. Since this is hardly something people will buy out of necessity, they’ll be pleased to get such a gift. Besides, smelling oils is good for your health, they say.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway from BooksRun 5

Polaroid Hi-Print 2×3 Pocket Photo Printer

The Polaroid Hi-Print 2×3 pocket photo printer is an excellent gift for those who love taking photos with their smartphones (almost everyone these days, right?). Therefore, you can consider it as great gift material to everyone, from your partner to your grandma. “Print, peel, and stick images on your laptop, phone, or on the back of someone you love,”—here is how you use it. Simple and full of inspiration, this little pocket photo printer.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway from BooksRun 6

Dolce Gusto De’Longhi Piccolo XS Pod Coffee Machine

Ahh, the next gift idea is definitely for coffee lovers. The extra-small Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS by De’Longhi can help prepare everything you can imagine, from Espresso to cold drinks. It’s also devilishly stylish, so it’ll certainly make a great contribution to any kitchen it may land at.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway from BooksRun 7

Roller Balls

Are your friends into fitness and sports? We bet they’ll find these roller balls extremely useful. There are plenty of massage ball varieties—from extremely firm to softer ones—in all shades and colors that can be used as foot balls and back rollers and for making massage around the neck, shoulder, and hands. You make a gift with a set of 3 massage balls and help your friends recover after intense workouts or relax after a long working day.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway from BooksRun 8

The Christmas Engraved Bento Box

We are sure some of your friends and family members work in the office and take their lunch from home. A beautiful bento box will be an ideal gift for them! Monbento even has an original “Merry Christmas” engraved lunch box for such an occasion. Why should you look into Monbento specifically? They are airtight and made from high-quality plastic, let alone exceptionally stylish. A perfect office worker gift!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway from BooksRun 9

Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker

A Marshall Acton II Bluetooth speaker will bring joy to any of your music-loving friends or family members. It’s small but exceptionally powerful (don’t be fooled by its size) with an elegant design that will add a sophisticated touch to any living room, bringing a classic look (and a great sound, of course). Whoever gets it as a gift will be forever thankful and proud of displaying it in their home.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway from BooksRun 10

A Book or a Special Book Collection

Well, and of course, you can always give books to your friends. A book collection is a great idea—check J.R.R. Tolkien 4-Book Boxed Set: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings at BooksRun, for instance. Alternatively, you can pick a book that relates to a person you will give it to as a gift. Here is an example: you have a very curious friend who’s always on the quest for knowledge and has been fascinated by geography and travel for ages. Then, Exploring the World by Alexander Maitland or his Speke: And the Discovery of the Source of the Nile and Wilfred Thesiger in Africa: A Unique Collection of Essays & Personal Photographs will be definitely greatly appreciated.

BooksRun Christmas Giveaway Announcement!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway from BooksRun 11

At BooksRun, we’ve prepared our own gifts for you this Christmas! Soon, you’ll get a chance to participate in a giveaway and win awesome prizes.

How to participate:

Make an order worth 60$ or for 3+ books from 19 Dec 2022–02 Jan 2023.

Once you make an order, you automatically become our giveaway participant and get a confirmation email. 

Five winners will be selected randomly, and they’ll receive one of the following prizes: 

  • AirPods Pro
  • Power Bank
  • 2 (two) BooksRun certificates (for a $100-order each)
  • One $100 Amazon certificate

The results will be announced on the BooksRun Instagram page on 03 Jan 2023. So good luck!  

Happy Christmas and giveaway!

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