Primary Care: Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing

ISBN-13: 9780803667181

ISBN-10: 0803667183

Author: Lynne M. Dunphy PhD APRN FNP-BC FAAN, Jill E. Winland-Brown EdD APRN FNP-BC, Brian Oscar Porter MD PhD MPH, Debera J. Thomas DNS RN FNP/ANP

Edition: 5

Publication date:
F.A. Davis Company
Hardcover 1416 pages
Nursing, Emergency Medicine
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Acknowledged author Lynne M. Dunphy PhD APRN FNP-BC FAAN wrote Primary Care: Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing comprising 1416 pages back in 2019. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0803667183 and 9780803667181. Since then Primary Care: Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing textbook received total rating of 4.5 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $57.95 or rent at the marketplace.


Text Serves the needs of advanced practice nurses because it’s written by nurse practitioners for nurse practitioners, in collaboration with a physician. Organizes content around the Circle of Caring framework for nursing-based knowledge and holistic care. Explores complementary and alternative treatments for each disorder. Covers the broadest range of human disease and disorders using a systems-based approach, presenting both common complaints and common problems to help students narrow down the possible differentials to the most likely diagnosis. Considers interactions of pharmaceuticals with alternative medications and nutraceuticals. Features coverage of pathophysiology and diagnostic reasoning as well as up-to-date guidance on laboratory and diagnostic tests. Emphasizes evidence-based practice with information on evidence levels and more references to primary studies. Integrates discussions of health policy and primary care throughout the text. Davis Edge Thousands of questions aligned to Primary Care with page references Comprehensive rationales for both correct and incorrect answers to promote in-depth understanding and to help students understand the logic behind each question Responsive design that allows access from laptop, tablet, and mobile devices, making study on the go easy