The Jane Austen Cookbook

ISBN-13: 9780771014178

ISBN-10: 0771014171

Author: Maggie Black

Edition: 1st

Publication date:
McClelland & Stewart
Paperback 128 pages
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Acknowledged author Maggie Black wrote The Jane Austen Cookbook comprising 128 pages back in 2002. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0771014171 and 9780771014178. Since then The Jane Austen Cookbook textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price or rent at the marketplace.


Jane Austen wrote her novels in the midst of a large and sociable family. Brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, friends and acquaintances were always coming and going, which offered numerous occasions for convivial eating and drinking. One of Jane’s dearest friends, Martha Lloyd, lived with the family for many years and recorded in her “Household Book” over 100 recipes enjoyed by the Austens. A selection of this family fare, now thoroughly tested and modernized for today’s cooks, is recreated here, together with some of the more sophisticated dishes which Jane and her characters would have enjoyed at balls, picnics, and supper parties. A fascinating introduction describes Jane’s own interest in food, drawing upon both the novels and her letters, and explains the social conventions of shopping, eating, and entertaining in late Georgian and Regency England. The book is illustrated throughout with delightful contemporary line drawings, prints, and watercolours.

Authentic recipes, modernized for today’s cooks, include:
• Buttered Prawns
• Wine-Roasted Gammon and Pigeon Pie
• Broil’d Eggs
• White Soup and Salmagundy
• Pyramid Creams
• Martha’s Almond Cheesecakes