Nursing Research: A Qualitative Perspective

ISBN-13: 9780763785154

ISBN-10: 0763785156

Author: Patricia L. Munhall

Edition: 5

Publication date:
Jones & Bartlett Learning
Paperback 606 pages
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Acknowledged author Patricia L. Munhall wrote Nursing Research: A Qualitative Perspective comprising 606 pages back in 2010. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0763785156 and 9780763785154. Since then Nursing Research: A Qualitative Perspective textbook received total rating of 3.5 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $19.74 or rent at the marketplace.


Doody's Review Service - 5 Stars!Written for nurses and nursing students, Nursing Research: A Qualitative Perspective, Fifth Edition defines qualitative research and presents information on the current state of this important field. Divided into three sections:* Part One provides foundational content for understanding the qualitative research process* Part Two presents the more dominant methods, following each with an exemplar method* Part Three discusses considerations essential to conducting qualitative researchThe Fifth Edition has been thoroughly updated with 10 brand new chapters. Within the text, new exemplar research chapters include the various qualitative methods, phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory, case study, historical, narrative inquiry, and action research. This text continues to retain the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods in the same study while relying on the best qualitative researchers in the field to form an inclusive representation of qualitative research, including philosophical underpinnings, methods, exemplars, ethics, evaluation, and combining mixed methods.