ISBN-13: 9780323354813

ISBN-10: 0323354815

Author: Jacquelyn L. Banasik PhD ARNP

Edition: 6

Publication date:
Paperback 1200 pages
Medical, Pathophysiology
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Acknowledged author Jacquelyn L. Banasik PhD ARNP wrote Pathophysiology comprising 1200 pages back in 2018. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 0323354815 and 9780323354813. Since then Pathophysiology textbook received total rating of 4.5 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $38.39 or rent at the marketplace.


Develop a strong understanding of pathophysiology. Pathophysiology, 6th Edition explores the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and treatment of diseases and disorders. Each section focuses on the major alterations in the homeostasis of the body systems in order to provide you with a unifying framework. Current scientific findings and relevant global research are integrated throughout the book, with chapters organized by body system, beginning with an illustrated review of anatomy and normal physiology. Each chapter includes a discussion on the disease processes and abnormalities that may occur, with a focus on the pathophysiologic concepts involved. Written by leading educators, this text simplifies a rigorous subject with practical learning resources, an emphasis on critical thinking, and coverage of the latest scientific findings and relevant research. Plus, more than 1,000 updated, full color illustrations and photos throughout, give you a chance to visualize disease and disease processes and gain a clearer understanding of the material.Easy-to-read style is simplified by input from readability experts, and includes many tables, boxes, and figures to highlight key content.Student-friendly learning resources in the text include chapter outlines, bolded key terms, key questions, Key Points boxes, and chapter summaries.Pediatric and Geriatric Considerations boxes include brief analyses of age-related changes associated with specific body systems.A comprehensive glossary defines terms and includes audio pronunciations on the Evolve companion website.NEW! Global Health Care boxes inform you about global healthcare concerns such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Tropical Diseases and more. Includes prevalence, mechanism of disease and transmission.NEW! Over 1,000 illustrations help clarify complex pathophysiological concepts and make the book visually appealingNEW! Thorough chapter updates include the latest information on new treatment advances, 100 new figures for improved clarity, and much more throughout the text.