Halloween 2016 Tips with BooksRun! (Coupon Inside)


Boys and girls of every age, it’s Halloween time! And if you want to throw an unforgettable Halloween-themed campus party, you need to start preparing right now.

1. Costumes

Of course, the dress up part of this holiday always steals all the spotlight. In order not to rush to Walmart and grab the last pathetic cat ears two hours before the party, think about your costume a couple of weeks before the actual date. You might want to do a group costume with your friends or even set a theme for the whole party, like Walking Dead characters or Pokémon.

2. Decorations

It’s always cheaper to make the decorations yourself, be it a spider web or a spooky tombstone. However, you can hit the thrift stores and find inexpensive Halloween items, creepy old toys and clothes that may serve as an inspiration for your costume.

3. Food

Almost everyone knows the cookies in the shape of severed fingers, but you can also try making cupcakes with frosting that looks like brains, blood-red vampire punch, and pumpkin cheese balls.

4. Setting the mood

If you have a TV, put a recognizable movie on the background to get the Halloween vibes going. You may choose from a wide variety of horror films and classics like Hocus Pocus or Nightmare before Christmas. Make sure the sound is set to the minimum and does not interfere with the music.

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