10 Unusual St. Valentine’s Traditions you might have never heard of ❤

It is almost mid-February and 14th is the time to celebrate the most romantic and sweet tradition of the year – St Valentine’s Day! So once you are getting ready for lots of Valentine’s day flowers, chocolates and sweets, as well as romantic dining and travelling, here at BooksRun we decided to write about unusual festivities all over the world that are associated with this day. 

It can add to your inspiration to prepare something wonderful for your other half this year – maybe you can write anonymous poetry like they do in Denmark? Don’t forget, love is all that matters and there are numerous ways you can show it! We hope our selection of traditions will help you with romantic St Valentine’s ideas this year!


This country is one of the largest cocoa bean producers in the world so it is no wonder that chocolate presents are a particularly celebrated tradition over there! Every Valentine’s Day this nation prepares tailor-made hampers and boxes full of handmade chocolates for their loved ones. This tradition has become so popular so that the National Government even decided to give the title National Chocolate Day to the 14th of February to encourage people to eat even more chocolate! Therefore, if your better half is a chocoholic, you should get inspiration from these Ghanaian chocolate traditions and order some handmade chocolate!


Probably, you did not expect it but in Japan, it is the girls who chase the guys! So on the 14th of February, Japanese wives and girlfriends prepare chocolate-infused gifts for their men hoping that they will return the gesture the following month. The national chocolate retail industry is particularly well-prepared for this day with various unique chocolate creations since half of all the chocolate sold in Japan falls on the period near to St. Valentine’s Day!

Denmark and Norway

In these Nordic countries, there is a very romantic and unusual St Valentine’s tradition:  a man sends his loved one anonymous Valentine’s poem or card, signed with only the number of dots that represent the letters of his name. If the girl can guess the suitor, she will get a Chocolate Easter egg as a gift! How wonderful, isn’t it? If she is unable to come up with the name of her admirer, she will have to buy the egg herself which will serve as some kind of an apology!


In Wales, there is a national Welsh patron saint of lovers who is called Saint Dwynwen! So that is why St Valentine’s Day is rather unusual over there: it is more St Dwynwen’s Day this time! As a celebration, loved-up individuals exchange wooden carved spoons on this day. Usually, they give out such spoons in January to avoid the rush associated with 14th of February. This tradition has grown dramatically in recent years and now such wooden spoons symbolizing affection and love, have become popular wedding, birthday and anniversary presents in the country. So what about gifting a Welsh carved wooden spoon to your other half?

South Korea

If you feel over the moon and look for some romantic day ideas, you can take inspiration from South Korea where they have a tradition to celebrate the 14th day of each and every month. Traditional expressions of love include roses, wine, hugs and kissing. When the main day of the 14th of February arrives, it is time for chocolates, fluffy toys, flowers and other Valentine’s gifts that replace gestures in abundance.


In this country, St Valentine’s day means nothing more than perfect time to get married! This universal day of love is strongly associated with mass wedding ceremonies that take place everywhere from shopping centres to local parks. These celebrations tend to attract people who have been married for a long time but who would like to renew their vows once again. The government can even sponsor some of these loved-up events in the name of “public service”. So if you are keen on putting a ring on your girlfriend’s finger and taking part in a mass wedding, do not hesitate and book your tickets to this wonderful country immediately!

Czech Republic

If you happen to be in this European country on the 14th of February, do not get surprised about large numbers of people kissing beneath cherry blossom trees! It is a massive tradition over there which is believed to bring couples good luck for the year ahead!  Why not try this with your better half if you are on a romantic vacation in Prague?


In the UK the tradition associated with St. Valentine’s Day actually goes back several centuries ago when women in England would place bay leaves in every corner of their pillow. This was supposed to help them see their future husband as they slept through the night. This beautiful tradition has become less popular now, but who knows, it might be worth a try?

South Africa

In South Africa, there is a very unusual and interesting tradition associated with St Valentine’s day and it is called Lupercalia. On this day people do not send out cards with hearts but rather pin on the sleeves of their shirts the names of those they fancy so that it is visible to everyone! This is said to attract interest and may lead to a date and even marriage if an individual is lucky!


In Finland St Valentine’s Day is more of the tradition of celebrating friendship when best friends exchange presents and cards. It is a wonderful way for Finns to show how much their dearest people mean to them. You can consider doing the same thing with your friends as well! Happy Valentine’s Day!