When are the best times to sell textbooks?

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Buyback quotes for textbooks fluctuate a lot when comparing those during different seasons, months, and even a couple of weeks apart. If the supply is too high and they flood used textbooks market, in a matter of days, obviously, the prices will fall swiftly, and you won’t get too much. This guide is to help you find the best time to sell textbooks and beware of the worst. 

When Quotes Are the Best?

The highest demand for books usually tends to be right before the start of the academic year. Companies specializing in textbooks refill their stocks, and students are getting ready for the upcoming semester, so that means they will most likely be ready to buy books. The best season is summer, namely July and August, and to some extent, winter, especially January. Though don’t head immediately to your college bookstore—the best buyback offers are online.

What Time Periods to Avoid?

Selling books right in the middle of the semester is not a very good idea, as the demand would be quite low. Also, trying to sell them at the beginning of the school year, right after everyone has learned and bought what they needed, will not turn out to be too productive either. It’s best that you wait for some time after the final week as well because students would be rushing to get rid of textbooks and decrease the prices by too many offers.

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When are the best times to sell textbooks? 1
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