How to Get Cheap Textbooks for College?

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getting cheap textbooks for college

Getting textbooks for college classes is a must in most cases, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on them. Sure, going to the closest college bookstore and buying a new, crispy copy with packaging still intact is the easiest way, but if you’re not as eager to waste money on the book you’re going to use for one short semester, there are many, many other ways to save up on textbooks

  1. Used items tend to lose a significant amount of their initial price, even if they are still in good condition. If your course does not require one-time access cards to online materials, there is no need to buy them new.
  2. Shopping for books online can also save you money and, most importantly, time. You don’t need to physically go to the shop and search for the textbook, so all you have to do in this case is type the ISBN you need, click “buy,” and wait until the item is delivered right to your address.
  3. Rent textbooks that you definitely won’t need after the semester is over. The price for rentals is usually much lower for sales. Just make sure you return the book in time; otherwise, you will end up paying the full amount!
  4. The other way not to spend too much is to sell back the books afterward. Websites like offer competitive buyback prices for college textbooks, and you may even earn by selling some copies to us.
  5. If you have the opportunity, try buying textbooks early when their prices are still not extremely high due to high demand. Also, opt for the seller with a return policy if you end up dropping the course and not needing the textbook.
  6. Check out the international or instructor’s editions. The content is pretty much the same as in regular editions, the only difference being the worse quality of the paper and print in international copies and additional materials for teacher’s editions. The price, however, is usually much better looking.

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