Get Your Own Pot of Gold on St Patrick’s Day with BooksRun!

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Get Your Own Pot of Gold on St Patrick's Day with BooksRun! 1

Looks like St. Patrick’s is here! Cheers! This holiday is mostly about spending (especially on alcoholic beverages, let’s be honest), so saving some green can present a true challenge. But keep your head up, ’cause we’re about to drop some tips to help you with this matter!

Create New Drinks

You know, there’s an Irish proverb: “It is sweet to drink but bitter to pay for.”, which is one worth keeping in mind. It all gives you an incredible opportunity to experiment! Get your friends and give yourselves a shot at inventing new recipes for some… shots. This Ultimate Bar Book should be of help to you!

Cook at Home 

Holidays like this one give you a chance to try new recipes while creating themed food. And on St. Patrick’s, the greener, the better: so cover your festive table with vegetables and don’t forget to bake some sweet cookies and cakes with green icing. Simple and tasty, what could be better? And it is a great way not only to save money but also to spend some quality time with your friends and fam and honor Irish traditions.

If that’s not an option (too boring, you say), well, there’s another way to deal with it. In honor of St. Patrick’s, many places offer discounts if you follow the dress code (which is easy).

Have Your Own Celebration

I mean, with all the dishes cooked and drinks made, why not go a bit further and turn this whole thing into a legit party? You can ask your friends to bring some stuff of their own, and it will sufficiently simplify the whole organizing process. Also, you can look for sales in various shops and gather freebies, and put them to good use at home. Try shopping at shops like Dollar Tree or Party City because you won’t actually need the stuff you buy for more than a day. And don’t forget about coupons, because many have them, but not many know about them (as you know, we currently have one). So go ahead: throw a party at your own place and proudly own it!

Postpone the Holiday

There’s also one more idea for you to implement in order to save some more green: simply move the holiday to the weekends! After the boom is gone, all shops will be eager to sell out their supplies of all the green holiday-themed stuff. That’s your golden opportunity to both save and celebrate twice.

Go Green

And yeah, this part is not just about the celebration itself. In the matter of green, you can also try to go green and save some money and resources not just for yourself but also for the whole planet. And you know, there’s one more good Irish proverb: “A light heart lives long.” So get rid of the things that weigh you down, and if you have some of the books left in your room piling up and being a dust collector, then better go sell them, get some cash, and toast with your good old buddies for the sake of your beloved college and, of course, St. Patrick. 

To know how much cash you will get for the textbooks you have, type the ISBN (or the title) of the item into the search box on our main page or simply scan the book’s barcode on the backside of the cover with your smartphone’s camera using our app (which is available on both Android and iOS).

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