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We live in a time when forests disappearing in a week and floods destroying towns and villages become the norm of our life. Here at BooksRun, we care about our planet and we want to make sure that we pass our planet to our grandchildren in a decent state — that’s why we partner with ONETREEPLANTED. Bearing this in mind, we launched our BooksRun Loyalty program to support you, our dear readers, in going green since buying, renting or selling used books is a way to minimize the deforestation and carbon footprint. Below you will find information on how to earn points and what you will get if you sign up for our Let’s Go Green Together Initiative.

Why You Should Join

We offer you a win-win situation: you are not only saving money on books but also saving our planet! And this is without any extra efforts on your side. For every $ you spend or earn by using BooksRun services, you receive 2 points that are accumulated in your BooksRun Loyalty account. We would like to mention that this program has been developed only for printed books, there will be no points awarded for eBooks.

It is a free program which lets you collect points and pay for rewards from our eco-friendly Rewards Section. From a reusable sandwich wrap and flat water bottle to a portable solar power bank, our selection range will satisfy all tastes and interests!

We collaborate with ONETREEPLANTED organization and we have also developed a way how you can participate directly in increasing the number of trees planted every day! Once you have earned your BooksRun points, you can donate them to our partner organization by choosing to plant 5, 10 or 15 trees on our BooksRun website. It is a great way to ensure that you will have the opportunity to enjoy your day in the forest in 20 years time!

Some Additional Information

In this section, we would like to mention some other details about our BooksRun Loyalty Program.

You can start participating in this program from the age of 18. You can participate as an individual, but industry professionals such as books marketplaces, bulk buyers and bulk sellers, as well as anyone affiliated with a company or school in the industry, cannot join BooksRun Loyalty program.

You can start earning your points as soon as you sign up for the Loyalty Program. In case you earned your points through a buyback order, the points might be listed under the “Points Available Soon” section and will be available for redemption once your order has been purchased. Once this happens, the points will be moved to the section “My Points” and available for redemption. Points earned on Buy/Rent orders will appear in your account within an hour.

It is our new initiative so you can start earning points on orders placed from October 29th 2018. The program is not applicable to orders placed before this date.

There is a limit of 1000 points you can earn per month.

Rewards points are valid for redemption within 6 months from the payment date. So you need to make sure you use points within this timeframe.

You can check the number of available points once you log into the BooksRun Loyalty Program account as a registered user.

If you still have questions about our program, please check our FAQ questions here or you can always send us an email to

Join our Loyalty program here and start getting even greener and saving even more money today!

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