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Our August recommendations for Leo have arrived. We’ve picked three books for our last summer sign: a documentary sketch, a dystopia, and a thriller. They are as different as one can imagine; however, this is exactly what we had in mind. Leos will be fascinated.

July 23–July 22

You take one look at a person and can just tell that you see a leader. Well, you’ve met Leo. Dramatic, charismatic, self-confident, and impossible to resist—Leo will be your best friend and most devoted partner (as well as a narcissistic and domineering egomaniac at times). Being passionate and highly creative, Leos love books that can grab and hold their attention—a page-turner like a thriller or even a good romance book with a fair share of dramatism, full of twists and turns. Even a werewolf romance book will do if it’s captivating enough. Yet, everything dull and monosyllabic won’t work for Leos, as they are used to living their life to the fullest and are quite demanding of everything, including books.

1913: The Year Before the Storm

By Florian Illies

What Should Leo Read? 1

We love this book, and we are sure you’ll love it too, for many things: its fascinating structure of writing, the way the author dissects the year 1913 and presents it through a series of snapshots from the lives of famous people, doing it is such a way that it seems that he’s completely ignoring the looming disaster. But he does not; he just shifts the focus. Florian Illies weaves the structure of his narrative with Franz Kafka’s letters to his love, Tomas Mann’s sufferings, the facts that the Mona Lisa is still missing, the first edition of Vanity Fair is published, Coco Chanel opens her first boutique, Charlie Chaplin signs his first movie contract, and so much more—and you get completely carried away by the charm. Rest assured, Leos, 1913: The Year Before the Storm hasn’t become a bestseller for nothing.


By Elvia Wilk

What Should Leo Read? 2

Deeply weird and unsettlingly hilarious,” according to Kirkus Reviews, Oval is the second book on our list for Leos. It’s a debut novel by Elvia Wilk and a sad portrait of the future we may be heading to—who knows? Set in Berlin at some point in the future, where housing prices are skyrocketing, and people have to live in experimental zero-waste eco-colonies. This is exactly what Anja (a lab worker with some “ecologically conscious, pure-science incubator of disruptive innovation“) and her boyfriend, Louis (an American artist-consultant), do. While he’s creating a drug that will make people more generous and put an end to inequality, she is beset by Millennial angst; their experimental green housing project is failing around them, the city is dying, and everything is falling to pieces. Well, dear Leos, we have never promised you a fantasy romance book, but rest assured that you won’t be able to put it aside till the end.

The Paris Apartment

by Lucy Foley

What Should Leo Read? 3

When you are done with the reads that make you reflect, pick the one that will employ your mind in a different way. The Paris Apartment is Lucy Foley’s newest thriller, which will keep you in suspense till the last pages. We know how Leos love dramas, and we are positive they’ll find the one set in an eerie Parisian apartment excessively intriguing. Plenty of suspicious and unlikable characters, a fun twist, Jess, who’s looking for her disappeared brother, twists and secrets—all this makes Lucy Foley’s latest fast-paced “whodunit” a fascinating read. We can promise that you, Leos, will be constantly surprised, trying to solve the mystery yourself and failing because of all the twists. Wait and see how you finish this story and are already eager for the next brilliant puzzle of a mystery!

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