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Here are our June recommendations for Cancer. For this summer sign, we’ve prepared three books that we hope will be both inspiring and entertaining. One of them is about family matters, the second one is a blend of mystery and thriller, and the last one is a piece of non-fiction that reconsiders the meaning of a normal family.


June 22–July 22

Cancer is usually described as deeply emotional, sensitive, and intuitive—and a real challenge to deal with. But we think that, in fact, they are just much better connected to their own feelings than other signs. They deeply care about people around them and are excessively interested in how relationships unfold. Not prone to live in their heads so much as Pisces, they are way more interested in what’s real than in fantasy worlds. Loyal and family-oriented, they would infinitely prefer a story about a scandal and inheritance to teen fiction about vampires. Well, the latter can also stand a chance sometimes.

Last Summer at the Golden Hotel

By Elyssa Friedland

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We’ll start with the book with family dynamics as the central theme. This light contemporary novel tells an engaging story of the Goldman and the Weingold families spanning three generations and their attempts to save their hotel—the Golden Hotel—which had been a glamorous go-to place for all sorts of celebrities and well-to-do guests for sixty years while trying to live their lives. Secrets and scandals thrive in Catskills resort; things are no longer the same as they used to be, and everything is falling apart. It’s high time for the former best friends and business partners to get ready to sell or find ways to save the hotel. Last Summer at the Golden Hotel is a light-hearted story with an undercurrent of sadness we are positive Cancers will appreciate.

The Anomaly

By Hervé Le Tellier, translated from French by Adriana Hunter

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An airplane thriller? An exploration of reality? A playful mystery? The Anomaly shows that in our lives, nothing is as it seems; our knowledge is far from perfect, and there are scenarios we can’t even think of. To make it short, on March 10, 2021, a flight from Paris to New York lands safely after turbulence. However, on June 24, 2021, the same plane with the same two hundred passengers lands again. Now, the question is not only how is it possible but also how all these doppelgängers lived for three months, as some of their lives changed to a great extent. The novel seems to be made for television series and will be devoured by Cancers for sure. Besides, it is filled with brilliant social satire, and we invite you to take this flight of fancy together with Hervé Le Tellier.

Normal Family

By Chrysta Bilton

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The third book on our list is a coming-of-age memoir and, according to Kirkus reviews, a story about “a uniquely dysfunctional family.” In Normal Family, Chrysta Bilton invites us to reconsider the idea of a normal family by showing her peculiar story. Her mother, Debra (a bright and great character, a free spirit, an addict with everything, life in particular), was a single lesbian woman who found an ideal way to have a child in California in the 1980s: by paying Jeffrey Harrison for a sperm donation. As it appeared, over the years, he managed to become a father not only to Chrysta’s sister Kaitlyn but to at least 35 (and maybe hundreds more) siblings, as he used to be a Donor 150 the California Cryobank in Century City. Chrysta only learned about it when she was in college. We already see how Cancers (and everyone else) is eager to learn more about how this roller-coaster story will end.

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