TestOut Overview: Technology Courseware for Educators and Students

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TestOut Overview: Technology Courseware for Educators and Students 1

There are many courses that provide IT education and certification, and there is TestOut. In this article, we’ve decided to make a complete review of the education platform to understand why it is so popular, what its benefits are, and how one can use the platform and its potential to achieve career goals.

What Is TestOut?

TestOut Overview: Technology Courseware for Educators and Students 2
Screenshot from TestOut website

TestOut (TestOut.com) is an industry-leading IT training and certification provider and platform that offers interactive training and testing in the field of IT. With the outstanding functionality, hands-on lab exercises, video and written lessons, custom quizzes, and whatnot—TestOut helps those who seek career advancement in the IT sector. 

With the total package for IT certifications—from effective training courses to IT certification exams—TestOut guides its students to success.

Who Is TestOut For?

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Screenshot from TestOut website

TestOut is designed for several target groups:

  • Students 
  • Educators
  • IT professionals
  • IT employers

It’s an excellent training platform for people who either want to enter the IT sector or want to refresh their knowledge in IT. There are products for beginning students as well as advanced ones who are seeking certifications.

Besides, schools and instructors, as well as businesses and government agencies in need of IT training for industry certifications, can use TestOut materials and tools for their various needs.

What does TestOut Offer?

TestOut provides IT training in the form of documentation, live online sessions, and videos. It also provides IT certification after training. Here is an overview of the major options provided by the initiative:

– An extended course catalog
– TestOut training
– LabSim Simulations
– TestOut IT Skills Certifications
– TestOut Computer Skills Certifications
– An extended exam catalog
– Certification verification
– Exam resourcesK12 education
– Higher education
– Educator resources
– Student resources
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Screenshot from TestOut website

TestOut offers unique IT performance-based training courses in the fields of computer networking and cybersecurity. The platform’s advanced IT simulation technology allows students to get hands-on experience, as the lessons take place on a simulation engine that replicates a $200,000 computer network and security lab. By combining the technology with video instructions, text lessons, and quizzes, the courses supply a student with a deep knowledge of the subject and experience (which is equally valuable).

TestOut Overview: Technology Courseware for Educators and Students 5

While there are multiple IT certifications, TestOut Pro certification guarantees students successful employment and career advancement. One of the distinguishing features of TestOut certification is that it reveals not only a person’s knowledge on the subject but also their ability to apply their knowledge.

Why TestOut Is So Popular?

Apart from providing hands-on learning with a great focus on troubleshooting, TestOut also helps students understand how important it is to follow industry standards and procedures. Besides, with TestOut, one can adapt the learning process to individual needs. Many reviews describe it as an excellent product for its price.

TestOut Details

PriceMonthly and yearly licenses(discounts for academics, gov/military, and corporations)
Free TrialYes
IntegrationsBlackboard Learn, Brightspace, Canvas, and Moodle
Founded1991, United States

What Is TestOut LabSim?

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Screenshot from TestOut website

LabSim is TestOut’s learning platform where students take courses and get certifications. LabSim is also used by educators who use the platform’s resources in their teaching process. By providing a simulation of a computer network and security lab, LabSim allows students to get practical knowledge and put test it right away.

For StudentsFor Teachers and Instructors
LabSim has everything to help students learn and practice their skills. LabSim is an educator’s treasure trove when it comes to helping students learn.
– Simulation labs
-Expert instruction
-Interactive video controls
-Text lessons
-Section quizzes and exams
-Certification practice exams
-Performance reports
-Student reports
-Custom assessment
-Class management
-Data export
-lms integration

TestOut Pros and Cons


  • Excellent learning and training videos
  • The variety of ways to learn: simulations, fact sheets, quizzes, and videos. 
  • The LabSim platform is user-friendly, interactive, and intuitive (easy access through TestOut LabSim login).
  • All courses are self-paced and can be accessed from anywhere.


  • TestOut courses are highly-priced.
  • No mobile app version to study on the go

Final Thoughts

TestOut courses and certifications can be strongly recommended for students seeking advancement in IT. According to various resources we’ve reviewed, both student and educator feedback is favorable; most people highly recommend the platform despite its price. Therefore, at BooksRun, we hope you’ll find our review useful, and in your choice of IT courses, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

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