New Year’s Resolutions Ideas — Make Each Year Count!

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While we all are anticipating Christmas and being busy in the attempt to figure out the best presents to give, now is actually a great time to do something else as well. The next year is quickly nearing (it’s hard to believe, I know), and making sure it is the one to remember should already be on your agenda. Making lists may not be your favorite thing to do but don’t feel stressed, I’m here to help you create the most exciting and(!) the most achievable list (and just the perfect one for you).

New Year's Resolutions Ideas — Make Each Year Count! 1

I’m sure that while creating resolutions in the previous years you came across the lists of things you can do that seemed pretty thrilling, yet so random that they ended up being forgotten by you (or moved to your bucket list in the best-case scenario) rather than becoming an actual plan to adhere to for the next year. So I thought about it a lot (and read even more) and came up with came up with some pieces of advice to help you organize the process and make sure to achieve results. First off, divide all the things you look forward to accomplishing in three simple groups:

  • Make yourself better
  • Make your life more exciting
  • Make the world around a better place

After that, don’t rush to creating tasks. Take some time to reflect on the year that’s passed and define the things you have already achieved: the things you are proud of. These things will become the basis of your new list as you will continue to support them. Write them down in each group as the goals for the long perspective.

Then, it’s the perfect time to start filling out the rest blank spaces and creating new goals.  Think about your hopes and dreams, things that inspire you and things that you have been putting off for way too long. And here’s what you should focus on in each group (see the examples below):

1) Make yourself better

  • Health, both physical and mental
    start meditating
    leave some time each day/week to reflect on how you feel
    learn new relaxation/breathing techniques to manage stress at college much better
    have a social media cleanse at least once in a few months
    do yoga weekly
    get more quality sleep
    make swimming or jogging your morning habit
    give up destructive habits
    go skiing/hiking few times a week
    go to a health check-up at least two times a year to come
  • Education
    watch one TED Talk per day
    read one business book a month (check our list of top business books)
    get yourself a new hobby
    take a new course (coding/design/etc.)
    learn to cook more dishes (what about some literature inspired recipes?)
    expand your vocabulary and write more
    learn a new language
  • Social life
    go to networking events
    create a poll and acknowledge how people perceive you
    befriend top people in their fields
    get a mentor or a coach
    write to those who inspire you
    learn to deal with difficult people
    communicate less online and more in real life
    get to know more people from other cultures

2) Make your life more exciting

  • New things
    try something new for 10/20/30 days
    start noticing new details in your surroundings or route to work
    go to a place you’ve never visited before
    listen to a new singer each month
    explore your own city
    try a new hair colour
    watch a new classic movie every two weeks
    visit a country you’ve never been to
    read a new classic literature book a month
    go to new (to you) performer’s live shows
  • Challenges
    participate in various social media challenges
    create a prank on a friend
    write a book
    go vegetarian for a month or two
    start a business venture
    abstain from social media / sugar for a month
    spend less on textbooks by renting them on BooksRun
    achieve full three splits
    create a short film
    wake up early and do an exercise routine for two months
    change your clothing style completely
    get a six pack
    participate in a blockbuster as a background actor

3) Make the world around a better place

  • Family & friends
    spend a set amount of days a month with your loved ones
    give unexpected presents
    surprise your parents with weekend events or trips
    play chess with your grandparents
  • Local communities & charity
    donate food to a local animal shelter
    visit a children hospital as a fairytale character
    make one small deed of kindness each day
  • Inspiring globally
    share your journey with your friends // followers
    create a blog and find more people you can help and/or inspire
    share your favorite pieces of wisdom on social media (books, videos, etc.)

Of course, the points offered are merely suggestions, and you can choose from them or add more of your own — your limit is your imagination. And I do hope that these ideas have inspired you to write your own unique list that will keep you going towards your goals with excitement and determination.

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