Motivational songs for students

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Motivational Songs for Students

Today, we won’t be talking about books. Instead, we have compiled a list of songs we want to share with you. We tried to pick songs that would not only make you feel good but also inspire and motivate you. While there are plenty of romantic and beautiful songs out there, we’ve made sure to focus on motivational songs for students who often need encouragement and a confidence boost.

This Is Me—Keala Settle (The Greatest Showman Ensemble)

We know it’s been played a lot, and you might be tired of it, but it has such a powerful message! It encourages you to believe in yourself, overcome negativity, and take pride in your accomplishments. It’s a great song whenever you need a boost of positivity.

What’s Up?—4 Non Blondes

This alternative rock hit from the 90s will inspire you to question the world around you. It’s a great choice if you need that extra push; it’s both a classic and perfect for students.

Lou Reed—Perfect Day

It’s not your typical motivational song. Yet, plenty of students have mentioned it as the one that helped them when they were feeling down. It’s probably one of the most beautiful and saddest songs that we’ve heard, but it carries a powerful message.

Eye of the Tiger—Survivor (From Rocky)

We are positive that this song can get you through any exam preparation, tricky assignments, or whatever you have to face during your studies—all the way over the finish line.

Don’t Give Up—Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

Released in 1986, this song is still as beautiful and encouraging as ever! It reminds us that life can be tough, but we’re not alone. If you need a musical embrace and a reminder to keep holding on, just play this gentle melody, and don’t give up.

You’re Worth It—Cimorelli

We’ve got one of the best motivational songs for college students because it says what every student needs to listen to on repeat: “You’re worth it! Baby, you’re worth it!” If you’re lonely, devastated, lost, and can’t see your own progress, just listen to its lyrics. It’s simple but encouraging.

Dog Days Are Over—Florence And The Machine

Although it’s highly unlikely that Dog Days Are Over was created as a motivational song for students, its strong vocals and instrumentals inspire everyone who listens to it to let go of their past and embrace the present moment.

Can’t Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton)—Macklemore

This song is an energetic and inspiring call to action that can motivate college students and anyone who listens to it. It has a catchy refrain, uplifting lyrics, and a powerful soundtrack. Listen to it to get an extra boost to overcome obstacles and celebrate your achievements.

Fight Song—Rachel Platten

This song is just what you need when you’re feeling a bit low and require some extra motivation. It’s perfect for those times when you’re facing a challenge and just can’t seem to go on or when you need a gentle push to get you going again. So turn it up and let it give you the boost!


This song is about love rather than motivation for college students. Nonetheless, it’s super inspirational and encourages you never to give up, even when things get tough. It talks about how you can always find the strength to keep going and hold your head high—even when you feel hurt and lonely. It’s a great reminder that you are stronger than you realize!

Flowers—Miley Cyrus

Here’s one more song about heartache, yet it carries a powerful motivational message. It speaks of the courage to take care of your own happiness even if you’ve been through a difficult breakup; self-love and self-care are what you should always focus on.

Not Afraid—Eminem

Let’s move on to motivational rap songs for students. We suggest Not Afraid because it’s about personal growth, being strong, and working hard. It’s Eminem’s personal story of battling depression and addiction, and it’s both powerful and encouraging. We all have it in us to follow our dreams no matter what.

Spring Day—BTS

While there are motivational songs for middle school students, we’ve picked Spring Day (and not just because BTS is so popular, especially among teenage girls). It’s a love song, but it has an inspirational message all along: when spring comes, hope and new beginnings will come, too, despite any loneliness and pain.

Try Everything—Shakira (from Zootopia)

Finally, let’s move on to motivational songs for elementary students. Performed by charismatic Shakira, Try Everything is an inspirational and empowering song that encourages kids not to be afraid of new experiences and stay strong in the face of challenges.

Love the Way You Look—Team T & J

This song by Team T & J encourages kids to be themselves, never make comparisons, and never try to be someone else.

Strong—Itty Bitty Beats

Strong is a fantastic motivational song from Itty Bitty Beats, the award-winning musical duo from New Zealand that creates original music for kids around the world.

You Can Fly from Peter Pan

You Can Fly is a timeless song that never loses its message. It encourages kids to believe in themselves and never stop exploring the world around them.


This super fun song is perfect for motivating kids and boosting their imagination. It celebrates the joy of language and encourages the power of imagination. The melody is catchy, and the lyrics are full of tongue-twisters that are sure to make your child giggle. By singing it, kids can have a lot of fun!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King

While Can You Feel the Love Tonight is traditionally viewed as a love song, it’s all about celebrating the power of connection and how love and support can transform your life. This song is super inspiring and will tell your kids about the courage to face challenges that may come their way—together with the ones you love.

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