How to Read Paul Doiron Books?

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Paul Doiron

In today’s Q&A about Paul Doiron, we’ll give answers to the most popular questions about the writer and his renowned Mike Bowditch series. Let’s get the chronology of these mystery and thriller novels together!

Who Is Paul Doiron?

Paul Doiron is a best-selling author who has written the Mike Bowditch series. He is also a former Editor in Chief of Down East, The Magazine of Maine, and a Registered Maine Guide. Doiron’s writing is highly praised for its beautiful style, which is probably why his crime novels—all taking place in the Maine woods—are so popular. He’s skilled both in crime and nature writing and has a talent for creating vivid and atmospheric narratives. He lives in Camden, Maine with his wife, Kristen Lindquist, who is a poet and environmentalist. He’s also been featured in various news articles and interviews. If you want to learn more about Paul Doiron’s life and work, you can visit his official website.

What Made Paul Doiron Popular?

Paul Doiron’s Mike Bowditch series made him popular. The first book in the series, The Poacher’s Son, introduced Bowditch, a game warden who receives a voicemail from his estranged father one day. The message reveals that his father earns a living by poaching illegally. The next day, Bowditch receives another voicemail, this time from the police, informing him that his father is the top suspect in the killing of a cop and has escaped from custody. Despite the serious charges against his father, Bowditch believes that he might be innocent and sets out to investigate the matter himself. Aren’t you intrigued yet? It’s no surprise that the book received a huge following.

What Are the Most Popular Books by Paul Doiron?

Paul Doiron is a very talented author who has been recognized with numerous literary awards throughout his career. His first book, The Poacher’s Son, was such a hit that it won both the Barry Award and the Strand Critics Award. It was also nominated for an Edgar Award in the Best First Novel category. His second novel, Trespasser, won the 2012 Maine Literary Award, and his novelette Rabid was a finalist in the Best Short Story category for the 2019 Edgar Award. Paul’s recent twelfth book, Dead by Dawn, is yet another masterpiece that won the New England Society’s 2022 Book Award for Fiction and secured his second Maine Literary Award. It was also a finalist for the Barry Award. His books have been translated into 11 languages, bringing his works closer to readers all over the world.

What Is the Order of the Mike Bowditch Series?

Here’s the order of the Mike Bowditch series by Paul Doiron:

  1. The Poacher’s Son (2010)
  2. Trespasser (2011)
  3. Bad Little Falls (2012)
  4. Massacre Pond (2013)
  5. The Bone Orchard (2014)
  6. The Precipice (2015)
  7. Widowmaker (2016)
  8. Knife Creek (2017)
  9. Stay Hidden (2018)
  10. Almost Midnight (2019)
  11. One Last Lie (2020)
  12. Dead by Dawn (2021)
  13. Hatchet Island (2022)
  14. Dead Man’s Wake (2023)
  15. Pitch Dark (2024)

Paul Doiron

Do I Need to Read the Mike Bowditch Books in Order?

No, it’s not necessary to strictly read the books by Paul Doiron in order. However, we’d recommend sticking to it. Since the books follow the character’s development and career progression—from a troubled young man to a mature law enforcement officer—in the Maine woods, it makes sense to follow him on this path exactly as he goes. While each book can stand alone, reading them in order allows for a more comprehensive understanding of Mike Bowditch’s journey and the interconnected nature of all the stories. Therefore, we recommended reading the Mike Bowditch books in the order of their publication.

What Are the Other Works by Paul Doiron?

Paul Doiron, in addition to his Mike Bowditch series, has written several other works, including:

  • The Bear Trap (2014)
  • Rabid (2018)
  • Backtrack (2019)
  • The Imposter (2020)
  • The Caretaker (2021)
  • Skin and Bones (2022)
  • Snakebit (2023)

These works have also been well-received. They also showcase Doiron’s versatility as an author, even though he’s best known for the Mike Bowditch series. We recommend checking these stories, too.

So, if you want to fully enjoy the Mike Bowditch series, we recommend reading Paul Doiron’s books in chronological order. However, if you randomly choose a book, you’re still in for a treat. Doiron’s got a way of making you feel right in the middle of the action,  taking you on a wild, twisty ride through the backwoods of Maine. So, find a comfortable spot and get ready for an exciting adventure!

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