6 ways to earn money for students

Hi there, it’s Tom. I’ve got some new stuff because I found a few easy ways to get cash! See below:

6th placeBecome Uber Driving Specialist

The best candidate for this position must correspond to the following criteria:

  • have a driving license
  • have a 3 years’ driving experience with a clean driving record
  • have a criminal background check passed
  • have your own transport / or the parent’s one and desirably not bicycle
  • download Uber application and have necessary registration forms submitted
  • have passion for speed
  • have enough deposits of jokes and anecdotes in your pocket for entertaining clients during traffic jams…and that’s all!

So, do not hesitate and use Uber.

5th place: Be an Eye-Catching Blogger

Promote your blog and earn? Yes it is possible! It’s a perfect way to monetize you blog setting up affiliate links to products that may be easily purchased from other venues. Once your follower clicks on that link, he will be automatically transferred to the merchant site where the item is sold. After the successful transaction you get a percentage of the proceeds. Here is the link to study more details about blog marketingand how much cash you may earn from that alternative.

4th place: Be a Dog Walker and Pet Groomer

You can set up most of these gigs such as offering to drive pets to vet or grooming appointments with a bit of networking, word-of-mouth and maybe a few posters around your neighborhood. Apart from that, to increase your efficiency in advertising your own business, you may try such applications as DogVacay and BarknBorrow to connect with pet owners who might want your services.

3rd place: Become a Professional Photographer

There is a nice application Foap that is eager to process the material offered and pay money for the job done. What you need to do is to sign up for an account, take a quality photo and upload it to Foap’s marketplace. Someone buys the license to your photo for $10. You make $5.

2nd place: Become a Tour Guide without tourists

Do you like walking threw the city? Do you like museums and interesting weird places to visit? Do you know that you can earn on your passion? With Qwixi tool make your tours ‘live’ and interesting – record audio about the attractions also for the transitions between them and earn easily!

1st place: Be a Seller of Textbooks to BooksRun.com

Just sell your used textbooks, free your space for fresh air and earn money with reliable venues BooksRun, which offers great prices and high-quality service.

You can earn extra-money with affiliate program. BooksRun provide:

  • variable commission structure ranging 5% – 8% depending on sales figures
  • many promo tools: ref links, buyback search widget, simple API for price retrieval
  • live statistics on referred visits, sales and commissions
  • venues  very flexible – custom integrations, commission rules, etc.
  • read more here.