Money-Earning and Saving Tips for College Students

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money making tips for students

Hi there, it’s Tom! We all know that one of the things that college students constantly need and always struggle with is money. Stress management and time management at college are inextricably linked with earning and saving money while pursuing your degree! 

That is why I am here to share our BooksRun’s ideas on how to earn money easily and quickly! See below our tips on different ways to make extra money:

Money-making Tips

Become Uber Driving Specialist to earn extra money

The best candidate for this position must correspond to the following criteria:

  • have a driving license
  • have a 3 years’ driving experience with a clean driving record
  • have a criminal background check passed
  • have your own transport / or the parent’s one and desirably not bicycle
  • download Uber application and have necessary registration forms submitted
  • have passion for speed
  • have enough deposits of jokes and anecdotes in your pocket for entertaining clients during traffic jams…and that’s all!

So, do not hesitate and use Uber.

Become a Genealogist

If the previous way of earning for a living seems too extreme, this profession will provide you with a perfect chance not only to explore your own tricky family roots, but become a specialist in the subject you might study at college. And it is a brilliant opportunity to earn money from home! The schedule won’t suffer either as you may control your own income doing as much or as little work upon your desire and consideration. However, being quite precise and sticking to tedious work with the combination of biology and genetics principles requires a lot of efforts from a candidate who has chosen to follow such a carrier path. Once you have an access to the library archives, that won’t be a hurdle any more on the way to success.

Up to a point, setting up your own professional virtual storefront will allow you to attract plenty of customers where you may establish service quotes ranging from $70 to $700 per project. Nice extra cash, huh? Thus, your career will be given a good start from the position of a freelancer. Upwork or Freelancer sites will help you advertise your sole proprietorship.

Be an Eye-Catching Blogger

Promote your blog and earn? Yes it is possible! It’s a perfect way to monetize you blog setting up affiliate links to products that may be easily purchased from other venues. Once your follower clicks on that link, he will be automatically transferred to the merchant site where the item is sold. After the successful transaction you get a percentage of the proceeds. Here is the link to study more details about blog marketing and how much cash you may earn from that alternative. You can make real money online by keeping your personal blog!

Be a Dog Walker and Pet Groomer and get more money

You can set up most of these gigs such as offering to drive pets to vet or grooming appointments with a bit of networking, word-of-mouth and maybe a few posters around your neighbourhood. Apart from that, to increase your efficiency in advertising your own business, you may try such applications as DogVacay and BarknBorrow to connect with pet owners who might want your services. Make money fast by walking dogs!

Become a Professional Photographer

There is a nice application Foap that is eager to process the material offered and pay money for the job done. What you need to do is to sign up for an account, take a quality photo and upload it to Foap’s marketplace. Someone buys the license to your photo for $10. You make $5.

Become a Tour Guide without tourists

Do you like walking through the city? Do you like museums and interesting weird places to visit? Do you know that you can earn on your passion? With Qwixi tool make your tours ‘live’ and interesting – record audio about the attractions also for the transitions between them and earn easily!

Be a Seller of Textbooks to

Just sell your used textbooks, free your space for fresh air and earn money with the reliable service of BooksRun, which offers great prices and high-quality service.

You can earn extra-money with the affiliate program. BooksRun provide:

  • variable commission structure ranging 5% – 8% depending on sales figures
  • many promo tools: ref links, buyback search widget, simple API for price retrieval
  • live statistics on referred visits, sales and commissions
  • very flexible venues – custom integrations, commission rules, etc.
  • about futher features you can read here.

Money-saving Tips

money saving tips for students
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Earning money is OK, but what do you need to do to make sure it does not disappear too quickly? That is right, you need to know how to save money! Money-saving tips will let you worry much less about money and will require adequate working hours. It is much better rather than killing yourself at work in order to cover all your expenditures! As a student who is concerned with a question of saving money, most likely you have seen and heard all these vague tips such as “control your spending”. Therefore, the burning question is how to start saving money. Below we will give you something more concrete to rely on:

Share expenses with friends

Get a bunch of roommates and flatmates (make sure you get along with them first) and split the costs of rent, heating, and even food if you’re willing to share meals. Same goes for all the deals you can find where you can get more for less money—for example, cinema or Netflix account. 

Rent or buy used textbooks

Paying the full price for all the textbooks cannot be good for your budget, and buying used books may be the way out. Of course, they might not look as good and fresh as new ones, but what’s the point of spending so much money if you’re going to use the book twice a semester for a short homework problem? Use to get quick cash by selling used books! 


Talking about budget: it’s not a bad idea to determine all your expenses and write down what goes where. No more “where did all my money go?”—now you know it. Besides, budgeting will help you keep the savings and not instantly blow all the cash casually lying around in your pockets. Use money saving applications to budget your monthly expenditures!

Dollar stores

You can find the cheapest deals in a dollar store on things such as party supplies, stationery, kitchen utensils and glassware, cleaning products, hair clips, even some brand cosmetics… the list goes on and on. 

Use student discounts

Plenty of places provide great student deals that you might even haven’t heard of. There are also discounts from ten up to fifty percent at popular food chains, clothing retailers, bookstores, software providers, theatres and travel agencies. 

Sell stuff you don’t need

Put the clothes that you haven’t been wearing lately or the books that you haven’t been reading in a box. If you still don’t need them after a while—say, in a couple of months or a year later—then you can easily sell them and get some money out of it.

Bring your food

Eating fast food can really drain your wallet, not to mention the fact that it’s not too healthy. Preparing your own snacks such as sandwiches, bananas and nuts and bringing them with you wherever you go will help you decrease your spending on eating out.

Let’s Go Green at College

going green and saving money at college
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And let’s not forget about going “green” at college! By controlling your electricity consumption or using environment-friendly transport, you take care of our planet but at the same time you use an opportunity to save some bucks! And in many cases, these options bring you other life benefits – for example, improving your fitness level. Going “green” is in general about trying to spend less and go without excessive wasting, so college is a very suitable place to practice such useful habits. Have a look at our suggestions below:

  1. Turn off the light and other electronic appliances while you’re not in the room or not using them. Your electric bill will be lower, and power usage more efficient.
  2. Use a bicycle or simply take a walk when possible. That’s a great way to grow some muscles, exercise (which you might be lacking in college), and get some fresh air. Also, it’s much more eco-friendly than a car!
  3. Switch to reusable grocery bags. Production of plastic bags that are coming with each purchase requires resources, and stopping using them will also help the environment. By the way, reusable bags are more comfortable to carry.
  4. Refillable water bottles. Buying water in plastic bottles whenever you need it might be costly, and the solution for this problem is purchasing a bottle that could be used a number of times. It really pays off!
  5. While we’re on the topic of plastic, recycle. Paper, metal, batteries – anything counts. And it doesn’t take too much time or effort to put a package in a separate bin.
  6. When possible, take notes electronically. You will decrease your spending on pens, notebooks, and paper in general.
  7. Reduce water usage. Of course, shower is the best place for thinking, but after flushing a whole Niagara fall down the drain, do all these thoughts pay off when you see a water bill? You can just turn off running water while you’re cleaning your teeth, and even that would make a difference.
  8. Don’t buy expensive stuff that you will only use once (or really infrequently). For example, you can rent or borrow camping equipment for a trip or tools to fix something.

This list of tips is not excessive, of course. There are many other ways to be eco-friendly, so good luck on saving money for things that are more important (like your dreams)!

Iliana K