What Should Sagittarius Read?

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what should sagittarius read

December is halfway through, and we’re rolling out late book recommendations for Sagittarius today. Here is what we’ve prepared for Sagittarius sign today: a book of inspirations, a piece of sad classics, and a journalist investigation.


November 22 – December 21

Sagittariuses are known for their thirst for exploration, a desire for constant personal expansion, spontaneity, a challenging approach, intensity, and passion. They are great storytellers; therefore, they opt for a read that is both engaging and entertaining. A rare Sagittarius enjoys a book that can be easily forgotten. They prefer realistic situations and character-driven accounts, crave a story based on facts, anything that helps them understand the world better, a story that makes them think, an adventure, a source of new ideas, a means to practice their critical and investigative skills. The representatives of this zodiac sign would hardly favor a young adult fantasy book, a popular book about vampires, or a Harlequin romance.

To cap it all, no fantasies and no books you read and forget in a hurry; only the books that make sense. So here’re our picks:

Paul Smith: You Can Find Inspiration in Everything* (*And if You Can’t, Look Again)

By Paul Smith

What Should Sagittarius Read? 1

People don’t look up enough. It could be an influence just observing something done in bad taste but with something beautiful.” While You Can Find Inspiration in Everything*is hardly a book you can read for its plot, it’s a book that can give Sagittarius plenty of inspiration and ideas, so we count it in. It’s not your regular fashion monograph from a famous designer; it’s the book that literally contains “Paul Smith’s brain on the page.” We specifically think that Sagittariuses working in creative industries will find it highly appealing. It’s some sort of a manual where Paul Smith shares his thoughts and ideas and teaches how to find inspiration in everything. We also think it’s a great present (to anyone, actually) if you still haven’t got one for your partner, family members, or friends.

Arch of Triumph

By Erich Maria Remarque

What Should Sagittarius Read? 2

Our second book recommendation is a piece of classics by Erich Maria Remarque. Set in 1939, it’s the story of a talented surgeon who fled to Paris after being tortured by the Nazis. It’s also a story of a person who lost everything and is what we call a Man without a Country. Most of you must have read Arch of Triumph at school. However, we suggest you reread it once again, especially if your zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Some of you may say that it’s a bit of a stretch; well, maybe, but we’re positive it’s a great book and a fantastic piece of writing on a very complex and painful topic—with a self-sufficient, utterly cynical, and detached protagonist that will definitely make a Sagittarius curious. It’s also a love story—not some stupid love angle you can see coming immediately—but a complicated emotional situation with an unhappy ending. Definitely one of our favorite books (and an endless source of quotes).

Hidden Valley Road

By Robert Kolker

What Should Sagittarius Read? 3

Our last book recommendation for the Sagittarius sign is a piece of the most curious non-fiction—Hidden Valley Road. Written by Robert Kolker, a New York Magazine investigative journalist, the book became a bestseller in 2020. Why so? The book follows the story of the Galvin family and covers their quest for the answers to why 6 of their 12 children were afflicted with schizophrenia. It’s a result of many years of collecting evidence (medical documents, memories, letters, etc.) and conducting interviews with all parties involved. In the book, the author tries to explain the origins of the condition—a genetically-based neurodevelopmental disorder that begins in utero, as we know it now (and not something that can be possibly cured by psychoanalysis), outline its early signs, describe the specifics of living together with a mentally ill person, and even discuss the possibility of ever finding a cure for the condition in the future. An utterly fascinating and educational read we very much recommend to Sagittariuses and everyone who wants to expand their knowledge.

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