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The majority of productivity gurus despise typing since it doesn’t sharpen your memory as effectively as handwriting does. However, things are not as simple as this, and today, we’ll go deeper than the tip of the iceberg. We will discuss handwritten and typed notes in terms of the neuroscience of learning (as it’s usually done) and contemplate the use of these two note-taking strategies in your everyday study routine. We’ll also measure the costs of the process against the benefits of the result.

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Why don’t we value things that are next to us? The purpose of this philosophical beginning is not to scare you away but to show how amazing your college textbooks are! The awesomeness is obviously not an excuse for their skyrocketing prices, but you know how to get your textbook cheap, right? These are five popular university textbooks that we have found FABULOUS. Moreover, they cover essential knowledge in the areas we all need to understand better, like art, biology, or movies. 

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As a college student, you can’t deny the fact that procrastinating is one of the things we’re literally a PRO at. How easy it is to just shove our assignments, projects, responsibilities into a vault deep within the furthest regions of our mind and swallow the keys and go on with our easy-going students’ life, only for them to resurface later on when the word ‘deadline’ unexpectedly starts to crawl up behind us and then sh*t gets real! Yeah, I bet a lot of us are familiar with this process and the panic and frustration that comes with it. This is also the time we unlock our special ability to cram an entirety of Calculus III in one night which, although quite impressive, isn’t really efficient. When we procrastinate, all we’re doing is avoiding the inevitable while also adding mountains of college stress and deadlines to our plate. It may feel like we’re doing ourselves a favor but it’s actually the exact opposite. So, you’ve been trying to exorcise this demon of procrastination out but no success? Don’t sweat it! Here are some tips that are bound to help you in your battle with procrastination. Mastering these habits will help you keep up your college homework, minimize stress, and have more time for something fun!

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