Christmas Gifts for Book-Lovers (That Are Not Books)

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Finally, the gift season! This year, we suggest you get one of the book-related Christmas gifts for your bookish and not-very-bookish friends. At BooksRuns, we’ve been doing the legwork, which means we’ve checked the options and chosen the best ones for you.

Don’t get discouraged that most of them are from the combined New York Review of Books and Reader’s Catalog online store—it’s not a promotional post. We just loved their great gift ideas, and we hope you’ll like them, too! Or maybe, you’ll get inspired and look for alternatives. So, here is our Christmas list and ideas for you.

Christmas Gifts for Book-Lovers (That Are Not Books) 1

Sentence Diagrams of Great Literary Openers


Want to make your gift cards more unique this year? Why not try these gorgeous postcards featuring lines from famous works of fiction, diagrammed according to the Reed-Kellogg system: Sentence Diagrams of Great Literary Openers. They are color-coded and dissected to remind you of good old classroom days and are sure to stand out as a creative and thoughtful gift.

Christmas Gifts for Book-Lovers (That Are Not Books) 2

Mr. Darcy Quotation Pencils


A pack of pencils with quotations is a universal present. This Christmas, go classic and choose Mr. Darcy Quotation Pencils. It’s a great Christmas gift idea for Jane Austen fans and a hint to rewatch all the favorite Pride and Prejudice series and adaptations. “IN VAIN HAVE I STRUGGLED.”

Christmas Gifts for Book-Lovers (That Are Not Books) 3

Jane Austen Characters Mug


Another cute thing to get for Christmas is a Jane Austen characters mug. Cozy and funny, it’s one of those Christmas items Austen’s fans will just love. And if your friends or family members don’t really understand all the fuss about Mr. Darcy, they may get curious and even try to read (or re-read) the books. Why not give it a try? After all, this “heirloom quality bone china mug” can later become a rare collectible piece; who knows?

Christmas Gifts for Book-Lovers (That Are Not Books) 4

Solar System Paperweight


What other good Christmas gifts do we have in mind? Hmm, a Solar System Paperweight? An absolute must for those who study or work with documents! We bet you have such friends, and besides, this colorful solar system with its galaxies and planets will cheer everyone up just by one glance at it!

Christmas Gifts for Book-Lovers (That Are Not Books) 5

The World of Sherlock Holmes Puzzle


The World of Sherlock Holmes: 1,000-Piece Puzzle is not for the weak ones. This is the stuff to get for Christmas when you’ve run out of ideas on how to challenge your friends. Everyone loves Sherlock Holmes, so it won’t be hit-and-miss. Rest assured, whoever you make this Christmas gift will have to sweat trying to get the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle together—no less than Sherlock did during the investigations.

Christmas Gifts for Book-Lovers (That Are Not Books) 6



An Hourglass, you may think, why? We think all of us need a little bit more balance in our lives. Therefore, we think it’s one of the coolest Christmas gift ideas ever. Look at these specimens; won’t they make a stunning desk accessory for anyone, especially a student or a teacher? Our absolute favorites are Turquoise Blue and Green. Are you still thinking if it’s good stuff for Christmas? Trust is, it is!

Christmas Gifts for Book-Lovers (That Are Not Books) 7

Super Box of 98 ‘Postcards from Penguin’


Alternatively, you can go for something old and rare and get a box of old-school Penguin postcards. This set has a box of 100 postcards showcasing iconic Penguin book jackets spanning over 70 years of British design, from classics to crime. We’re positive some of your friends will love it!

Christmas Gifts for Book-Lovers (That Are Not Books) 8

The Little Prince Wrapping Paper


If you’ve already applied all your Christmas present ideas to practice, you still need to swipe your card one more time: to get a wrapping for all these presents. Here, we’ve got it for you: The Little Prince Wrapping Paper. While it’s an all-occasion gift wrap, according to the store, we think it’s ideal for Christmas: so not cliche! Besides, it has lines from the book (in Italian). How intriguing!

Happy Christmas shopping from BooksRun! If none of our Christmas gift ideas resonate with you, go old-school and buy books. Luckily, we have plenty to offer!

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