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2020 has been harsh on us for too many reasons. Was there even something good or worth a laugh? Any positive trends, not-canceled events, or statistics that are not about the numbers of infected? At BooksRun, we still strive to look positively at the year that’s almost behind (and honestly, we are also happy to wave it goodbye). We’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list of positive statistics and trends of 2020 to cheer you up and lift your spirits. Let’s remember 2020 for something positive and let it go away with our hopes for a better future! 

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If you have imagined yourself as someone like Miranda Priestly in Devil Wears Prada (or even further as her prototype character in real life — Anna Wintour) working in an office full of buzz and creativity, then the editorial career is not just a close guess but your destiny! Once you have made up your mind about the career choice in this domain, the sooner you start, the better it is for your editorial professional skills! Nowadays, life is so fast and there is a lot of competition for such cool jobs as magazine editors, for example. Therefore, you must act now!

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Hi there, it’s Tom! I am glad to announce the winner of our scholarship contest.  It was difficult to choose out of 127 wonderful essays, but we did it.

We congratulate Carol Tally, the student of the Massasoit Community College for winning the $1000 scholarship.  You can read a part of her story below.

Dear BooksRun Scholarship Committee:

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the BooksRun scholarship.

Returning to college in my mid-fifties started out as an intimidating experience but I realized with resources such as BooksRun, the journey was going to be possible. My college-age children shared their experiences, introduced me to ISBN and navigated around www.booksrun.com with me. This was an amazing introduction and surpassed my experience of standing in a long bookstore line to learn the book just sold out or is selling at a higher than usual mark-up.  Read more > “BooksRun $1000 scholarship winner”