Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy

ISBN-13: 9783319575797

ISBN-10: 3319575791

Author: Gopal B. Saha

Edition: 7th ed. 2018

Publication date:
Hardcover 428 pages
Chemistry, Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy
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Acknowledged author Gopal B. Saha wrote Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy comprising 428 pages back in 2017. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 3319575791 and 9783319575797. Since then Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $18.81 or rent at the marketplace.


Currently an estimated 17 million nuclear medicine procedures are performed each year in the US and constantly evolving, as new radiopharmaceuticals and imaging techniques are introduced for better diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. In keeping up with new developments, the Seventh Edition of Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy chronicles the advancements in radiopharmaceuticals and their use in clinical applications. It discusses basic concepts such as the atom, radioactive decay, instrumentation and production of radionuclides, and explores the design, labeling, characteristics and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals. Radiation regulations and diagnostic and therapeutic applications of radiopharmaceuticals are detailed.

Thoroughly updated, the Seventh Edition includes new topics such as alternative productions of 99Mo; production of 64Cu, 86Y, 89Zr, 177Lu, 223Ra; synthesis and clinical uses of new radiopharmaceuticals such as DaTscan, Xofigo, Amyvid, Neuraceq, Vizamyl, Axumin and 68Ga-DOTATATE; dosimetry of new radiopharmaceuticals; theranostic agents and translational medicine. It features numerous examples, diagrams, and images to further clarify the information and offers end- of-chapter questions to help readers assess their comprehension of the material. Recognized as a classic text on nuclear chemistry and pharmacy and acclaimed for its concise and easy-to-understand presentation, Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy is an authoritative resource for nuclear medicine physicians, residents, students, and technologists.