9781947709041-1947709046-Rage: Feathers and Fire Book 2

Rage: Feathers and Fire Book 2

ISBN-13: 9781947709041
ISBN-10: 1947709046
Author: Silvers, Shayne
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Argento Publishing
Format: Paperback 296 pages
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ISBN-13: 9781947709041
ISBN-10: 1947709046
Author: Silvers, Shayne
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Argento Publishing
Format: Paperback 296 pages


Acknowledged authors Silvers, Shayne wrote Rage: Feathers and Fire Book 2 comprising 296 pages back in 2018. Textbook and eTextbook are published under ISBN 1947709046 and 9781947709041. Since then Rage: Feathers and Fire Book 2 textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price or rent at the marketplace.


Hell hath no fury like Callie Penrose…

Ever since Callie – the Vatican’s rookie monster hunter – killed a demon a few weeks ago, Kansas City’s been eerily quiet.

But she soon learns it’s just the calm before the storm.

Because werewolves begin abducting young women in Kansas City, and a new church opens its doors, pronouncing death to all idols, including these ‘make-believe’ monsters and wizards.

But when one of their congregation is disemboweled by a monster on the steps of the church with the phrase God is dead painted in blood, someone in the church decides to take a lesson from the Salem Witch Trials… And the police seem to be helping.

Callie must catch the killer before Kansas City erupts in civil war. A civil war she inadvertently started. Before everyone decides to kill each other. Or worse yet, her.

But she’s being stalked. By something unseen. More than one something… And with so many new faces coming to Missouri – gods, legends, and nightmares – Callie begins to realize it’s all someone’s sick idea of a game.

And that Hell never really left Kansas City. Or Callie Penrose.

After all, they say Missouri loves company…

If you like Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Linsey Hall, K.F. Breene or Shannon Mayer, you will LOVE the SECOND installment of the Feathers and Fire series.

Click or tap BUY NOW to jump into this high-octane world TODAY!INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR:Q: So, what makes your writing so special?
A: I wanted to write stories that mirrored the books I liked to read in my childhood. My top picks were usually urban fantasy, paranormal best sellers, and of course, books featuring your classic gritty, pulp-fiction heroes. Basically, anything with a lot of creepy crawly supernatural characters: mythical creatures, ancient heroes, super villains, and gods. You will find that my stories focus on the ancient myths, characters, and stories we all know, fear, and love. Then twist them up and toss them back like an empty beer can.
Q: What other books do you write?
A: I also write the Amazon Bestselling Nate Temple Series that crosses over (if you're into that) with the Feathers and Fire Series.
Q: So, why should readers give your books a try?
A: Because my writing is a present day thrill-ride that takes no prisoners. Dragons, Angels, Demons, Greek Legends, Wizards, werewolves, and a whole slew of other supernatural ‘Freaks’ abound in my stories. My books have hit the #1 bestsellers list on Kindle for Science Fiction and Fantasy dozens of times. The plots twist and turn until the last page, and my twisted sense of humor will have you laughing out loud at things you really shouldn’t be laughing at.Feathers and Fire Series eBook categories:
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Supernatural Thriller
  • Witches & Wizards
  • Urban Fantasy Thriller
  • Supernatural Shifter
  • Angels & Demons
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Paranormal and Urban Romance
  • Supernatural Mystery and Suspense
  • Vampires and Werewolves

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