Remedies, Cases and Problems (University Casebook Series)

ISBN-13: 9781634602631

ISBN-10: 1634602633

Author: Elaine Shoben, William Tabb, Rachel Janutis, Thomas Main

Edition: 6

Publication date:
Foundation Press
Hardcover 1191 pages
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Acknowledged author Elaine Shoben wrote Remedies, Cases and Problems (University Casebook Series) comprising 1191 pages back in 2016. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 1634602633 and 9781634602631. Since then Remedies, Cases and Problems (University Casebook Series) textbook received total rating of 4 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $74.51 or rent at the marketplace.


The Sixth Edition offers a rich blend of materials mixing textual coverage, problems and provocative cases designed to promote lively class discussion in Remedies. The authors have revised a great book that preserves the best of the former editions and adds revisions and updates, especially in the areas of Equitable Defenses, Preliminary Injunctions, Adjustments and Limitations on Damages, Damages for Economic Loss, Jury Trials, and Declaratory Judgments.

This law school casebook focuses on the fundamental tools of judicial remedies―injunctions, damages, and restitution. In addition to providing students with a solid grounding in these basics, the casebook also offers the professor choices about which additional areas to cover in depth. Those choices for instruction beyond the basic topics include:

  • Specific Performance
  • Equitable Defenses
  • Contempt
  • Preliminary and Permanent Injunctions
  • Structural Injunctions
  • Common law damages and Tort Reform
  • Adjustments and Limitations on Damages
  • Enjoining Speech/Litigation/Crimes/Nuisances
  • Consequences of Remedial Characterizations