Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teachers, Second Edition

ISBN-13: 9781598570502

ISBN-10: 1598570501

Author: Louisa Moats Ph.D.

Edition: Second Edition, New edition

Publication date:
Brookes Publishing
Paperback 304 pages
Public Speaking, Education, Linguistics & Languages
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Acknowledged author Louisa Moats Ph.D. wrote Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teachers, Second Edition comprising 304 pages back in 2010. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 1598570501 and 9781598570502. Since then Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teachers, Second Edition textbook received total rating of 3.5 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $14.68 or rent at the marketplace.


SAVE 10% when you order the text and workbook together!One of the most popular and influential reading textbooks of the past 10 years gets a comprehensive update in this highly anticipated second edition, straight from renowned NCTQ-recommended expert Louisa Moats. Updated meticulously with the very latest research, the new edition of this bestselling text helps elementary educators grasp the structure of written and spoken English, understand how children learn to read, and apply this foundational knowledge as they deliver explicit, high-quality literacy instruction.With extensive updates and enhancements to every chapter, the new edition of Speech to Print fully prepares today's literacy educators to teach students with or without disabilities. Teachers will getin-depth explanation of how the book aligns with the findings of current scientific research on reading, language, and spellingexpanded information on the critical elements of language, including orthography, morphology, phonetics, phonology, semantics, and syntaxnew and improved exercises teachers can use to test and reinforce their own knowledge of language contentteaching activities that help teachers connect what they learn in their coursework with what they'll be doing in the classroomnew chapter objectives that make it easier to plan courses and review key conceptsmore samples of student writing to help teachers correctly interpret children's mistakesexpanded sample lesson plans that incorporate the language concepts in the booka cleaner, easier-to-navigate layout A core textbook for every preservice course on reading instruction, this accessible text is also perfect for use in inservice professional development sessions. Educators will have the knowledge they need to recognize, understand, and resolve their students' reading and writing challenges—and improve literacy outcomes for their entire class.