Revit Architecture 2018 for Designers

ISBN-13: 9781501327704

ISBN-10: 1501327704

Author: Douglas R. Seidler

Edition: 3

Publication date:
Fairchild Books
Paperback 312 pages
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Acknowledged author Douglas R. Seidler wrote Revit Architecture 2018 for Designers comprising 312 pages back in 2017. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 1501327704 and 9781501327704. Since then Revit Architecture 2018 for Designers textbook received total rating of 3.5 stars and was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $19.09 or rent at the marketplace.


Building information modeling (BIM) is the new AutoCAD® for architects and interior designers-and Revit® Architecture is the leading software package in the BIM marketplace. Revit® Architecture 2018 for Designers is written specifically for architects and interior designers as they transition from CAD to BIM. Beginning with the building blocks of BIM modeling (walls, windows, and doors), the text progresses through dynamically generated 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional views to advanced features-such as photorealistic rendering, custom title blocks, and exporting drawings to AutoCAD® and SketchUp. This new edition is updated to include coverage on the latest changes in Revit® Architecture 2018. Instructions are fully illustrated, creating a smooth transition to the BIM environment for all designers. Clear, concise, and above all visual, this is the essential Revit® guide written specifically for interior designers and architects.