Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in Primary Care

ISBN-13: 9781496374950

ISBN-10: 1496374959

Author: Dr. R. Douglas Collins MD

Edition: Sixth

Publication date:
Paperback 632 pages
Calculus, Nursing, Mathematics, Emergency Medicine
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Acknowledged author Dr. R. Douglas Collins MD wrote Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in Primary Care comprising 632 pages back in 2017. Textbook and etextbook are published under ISBN 1496374959 and 9781496374950. Since then Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in Primary Care textbook was available to sell back to BooksRun online for the top buyback price of $12.05 or rent at the marketplace.


Advance your differential diagnostic skills!
For more than three decades, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in Primary Care has helped primary care practitioners to systematically approach the differential diagnosis of the symptoms and signs they see in practice. Organized into categories such as pain, mass, bloody discharge, non-bloody discharge, functional changes, and abnormal laboratory results, this bestselling clinical reference helps you apply your basic science knowledge to consider all the possible causes of each symptom, and then take the appropriate steps to determine which one is most likely.
  • Apply the latest knowledge due to comprehensive updates throughout the text, including new signs and symptoms, new and expanded case histories, updated diagnostic tests, and more.
  • Interact with patients more effectively with a new section on bedside manner, and get therapeutic guidance from a new section on the treatment of common diseases.
  • Know what to look for thanks to abundant anatomical drawings that highlight relevant features in each body area.
  • Develop your diagnostic skills with cases and clinical questions for each sign or symptom, as well as the framework for thinking through those questions to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis.
  • Select the appropriate diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests to include in the workup.
  • Recognize when to refer a patient to a specialist with a special section on this topic.
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